SOUND THE TRUMPET | 2005-02-05

The preacher is often compared to a trumpet in the Bible: "For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?" This is a well-known quote. Men like Robert L. Dabney were certain trumpets, unwavering in their devotion to the Word and their people.

This Piper nut is certainly a Pied Piper. He is more like a kazoo, or a comb with a piece of toilet paper like we played with as kids.

"Respectable" conservatives are not just found in politics. People in all walks of life crave respectability. Especially those in the public eye, those who want to sell books, or get on TV and radio. The same principles apply.

Ole Bob is certainly relying on grace to make it past the Pearly Gates. But one thing I believe - just like those businesses that won't take American Express, "Respectability" won't be accepted there.