When a liberal writes a book about how wonderful somebody is, something smells. Tom Brokaw worships the generation that fought World War II.

Nothing liberals say ever works. If a liberal says it, it is not true.

The World War II generation is the one I was raised with. It built the world I was born into.

Tom Brokaw loves that world.

No one is allowed to contradict Brokaw. First of all, a lot of fine young Americans died in World War II, so any criticism of Roosevelt or Brokaw is Evil and Forbidden.

Please see Whitaker Online for October 18, 2003, History's Hostages.

Secondly, this is very personal. We all have family in that generation, so any criticism of Brokaw or Roosevelt is an insult to everybody's Loved Ones.

A large part of my family was in uniform in World War II.

But a lot of our families were in Korea and Vietnam too. I have noticed that World War II is the only war no one is allowed to criticize.

If you say anything against World War II, you are Evil because so many Americans died in it.

Lots of Americans died in Korea and Vietnam, but you can praise the Peoples' Peace-Loving Democratic Republics all you want to.

Loving Castro is one of the great virtues of our age.

As usual, there is a great coincidence here: the one thing that no decent person is allowed to say just happens to be what liberals don't want said.

That's what you have me for. I don't care what decent people are allowed to say.