The father of one of the kids grabbed and murdered recently made a point. It is one of those critical observations that everybody will forget except WhitakerOnline.

The father was being interviewed. The interviewer pointed out that media people keep saying that child-killings have been going on a long time. He said the media could not understand why people are making such a big deal of these routine killings.

The father immediately cited two cases with which the media is obsessed. Two or three years ago, a white man in Texas who had been raped by blacks in prison killed a black man by dragging him behind his truck in chains. Nobody in the media is going to forget that because it is an argument for Hate Crimes legislation.

Another Hate Crimes case happened even longer ago than that. A boy was killed for being gay. The media are still talking about that as showing the need for a Hate Crimes Gestapo coast-to-coast in America.

Those cases matter to liberal news people. Forty or fifty kids being murdered each year is just routine. The media's Wise Commentators keep saying we are making far too much of it.

And nobody but me and that lonely father is going to be disagreeable about it.