This week's internet radio show on Saturday at 2pm at THE UNTRAINED EYE will be called "Sobsister History."

Young people may not remember the term "sobsister."

A sobsister is some woman who sits around moaning and groaning about how bad things are for her. Older people may smile when they hear the term sobsister because all they remember is how silly sobsisters were.

What they DON'T remember is how VICIOUS sobsisters were.

Here is a woman whose family has probably been supporting and putting up with her for decades. All they get in return from her is being told how horrible they are. There was no rumor or smear too vicious for a sobsister to spread about her own long-suffering family to show how evil they were. Such smears helped her to prove they were the horrible people she said they were.

Our history today is entirely "Sobsister History." It is based on showing how white gentile Americans, who created America, are really just nasty, vicious, mean, and have no redeeming qualities.

Every respectable conservative and every liberal, those who represent what is "both sides" in our political debate, agree that to solve the "race" problem," the white race must go.

That would be ideal.

That is what passes for Idealism today. A white gentile who attacks his own race is considered an Idealist. For some reason he is not considered a traitor. He is considered an Idealist who is making some sort of great sacrifice by demanding the end of himself, and his own kind.

If that is regarded as IDEALISM in a society, you can imagine the depths to which such a society can plummet when it is not being "idealistic!"