We buy them.

Right now we are buying minority votes anyway. We are buying those votes for the liberals.

We give liberals enormous amounts of power and money so the "intellectuals" can pursue those programs they sell the young morons in class. Liberals let some of that money trickle down to their slave minorities in the form of direct welfare, food stamps, and for housing that slaves in the Old South would have found very familiar, rats and all.

Harlem is essentially a Democratic slave quarter.

We could buy those same votes a hell of a lot cheaper if we did it by giving the money directly to minorities who vote our way.

In the first place, we don't have to buy ALL the minorities. Liberals have to have them ALL to balance off the ever more overwhelming white vote against liberalism. In the second place, liberals and minorities are competing for the same money. Liberal programs and college professors and liberal activists all live from the same tax trough that minorities get money from. Liberals are first at the trough and let some trickle down to their slave minorities.

Minorities all vote liberal because liberals are the only ones bidding MONEY for their votes. But we could save a lot of money by outbidding the liberals and not having to pay them and live by their rules. We would save money by buying minorities directly even if we had to outbid the left for ALL minority votes.

But if we keep our base, we need only a minority of the minorities. We could eventually have THEM competing for OUR favor.

Until we get in on the bidding, we will continue paying for liberals to buy minority votes, plus even more money we pay the liberals.

This means we must do exactly what the left and the respectables accuse us of doing. They denounce it because they know it will work

First of all, it means we say out loud we are trying to save the people liberals hate, and we use the true word HATE. We are for white survival, we are for America first, we are the outright enemies of criminals, and so forth.

And we openly say that, since nonwhites always vote for liberal hate, we want to buy OUR SHARE of that vote. We don't want to pay liberals the majority of the money so they can buy the whole minority vote at our expense. We won't buy the WHOLE minority vote. Unlike liberals, we can have lots of money and we can have minorities competing WITH EACH OTHER to be the ones who get our cash.

In the long run, it will be better for American minorities, too, but we should make our contempt visible and say that they will never figure that out on their own. We must stop acting as if it were okay for minorities to be stupid slaves to liberals. That open contempt will make more minorities act more rationally than conservative pandering has.

It couldn't do worse.