SNAFU | 2003-11-29

So we have the Bush crowd. They think they're real pros and political opportunists. Then we have the liberals, whose only clear idea is that white people and Americans are evil. They think they're political opportunists, too.

When a real political force emerges, all those groups will vanish like the snow in spring. And I can tell you exactly what that force will look like. I've made correct predictions of this kind decade after decade. And every time, people kept chasing their tails until the reality I had told them about over and over, exploded in their faces.

Then everybody said they knew it all the time.

Meanwhile, all those people who think they're real politicos are pathetic. But they will last until the rest of us stop chasing our tails. So they're less pathetic than we are.

Instead of an opposition, we have the Buchananite crowd who think they're patriots. They think they're loyal to the Lord Jehovah, to the True Spirit of America, to The Melting Pot, to the latest popular Eternal Moral Value, to people on life support, to the Ten Commandments, to the fifteenth child being born in an Indian ghetto in Delhi, to whatever the latest rumor is on the Internet .... and you-name-it. The you-name-it will be part of all the group mailings I get in my e-mail tomorrow.