Thanks Again, Dave!

I have quoted this comment by Dave before, but this time I want to thank him for it personally:

Well, I don't about that one, taking on that role. But Simmons gets to the very heart of things in his comments about BW taking on too much by thinking it is his duty to save the entire white race.

You see my problem is coping with the very fact I suspect it may be true, that it may actually be true that BW does bear that responsibility.

Now that sounds preposterous, but is it?

I have empathy for that fact that someone like BW may get up in morning, look at himself in the mirror, and say to himself, "Darn it all, if I don't do it, it is not going to get done, and unfortunately, it's me that's got to do it."

The problem is that God doesn't pull punches, and at times in course of human affairs, the whole damn thing DOES ride on one person's shoulders.

Now I know a lot of people don't believe that, but I can't help thinking of the old Navy advertisement trying to lure young (and dumb) engineering grads into the Naval Officers Corps: "In the Navy, you get responsibility fast!!!"

That's called truth in advertising, because I fast forward in my mind and see this young dumb kid who bought into Navy's come-on on the deck of some Naval vessel manning one of those one-time use only machine guns that are your only hope of shooting down an incoming Exocet missile.

Here's the arithmetic: You have got ten seconds to shoot that sucker down from the time you see that missile on the horizon and one burst of machine gun fire to do it and if you fail, you and everybody else on board die a horrible and violent death.

I wish to God life were not like that, but unfortunately it is.

Comment by Dave


You can see from my article on the Epitaph of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation how much I respect people who decide they are unique on their own. At the same time, it is an unpleasant fact of life that no one thinks on the basic level the way I do. I condemn them for saying they are absolutely unique and all future generations should be taxed to testify to their greatness, yet I myself can be accused of saying much the same thing: I am unique.

Since I think in basics, this is not the kind of contradiction a debater could make of it. I am saying I am right and they are silly. That is why Dave is not my Tom Brokaw. Dave gets nothing for this. He is simply announcing reality as he sees it. To say that Brokaw got something out of "The Greatest Generation" would be the understatement of the decade.

It took me many years to realize just how much rested on me. The whole concept of anti-white instead of racial justice, the whole concept of societal property rights, hell, even the desperation when they needed the weekend to save the Hubble Telescope. These seemed so obvious to me. It was painful when I had to slowly, repeatedly spend decades drilling the importance of these basics into the heads of a few, and in each case find some way to get them OUT.

Yes, Dave, you are the only person I have ever read who actually understands what it feels like to look in the mirror and say, "My God, Bob, they really, truly, sincerely, honestly DO NOT GET IT." And Dave knows that what I do not get is the self-important glow that those who are called The Greatest Generation get. I feel CHEATED.

I spent a lifetime trying to get the simplest things straight. Every year of that lifetime could have been spent talking over concepts with other top-intelligence types, learning and exchanging. Instead I have had fifty years elbow deep in intellectual muck, combing the bottom for a piece of solid truth here and there.

I am long past hating Jews. I am BORED with them. I was BORED with them thirty years ago. They are as predictable as liberals and neoconservatives and respectable conservatives. Can you empathize with what it feels like to spend decades reading commentaries, and knowing from the first sentence everything that clown is going to say?

When I was a boy I used to work in the brick kilns. Back then every brick had to be handled singly through every stage of the process. So I would be in a suffocating kiln where the heat from burning the brick was still there picking up four bricks and throwing them to the next man to be stacked, then throwing a group of five brick to the next man to be stacked, then throwing five bricks to the next man to be stacked, and so on and on and on as people literally passed out around. But I did it from childhood. What got me was the BOREDOM.

It turns out that that brick hacking was a necessary preparation for the rest of my life. Now I read the same old worship of IQ. Now I read the same old bitches. Now I read what the neoconservative Jew has to say, "Gee, I love America. If there just weren't so many white gentiles cluttering it up, what we could make of it!"

I am reading "conservative opinion" about Iraq, which is the same thing as "conservative opinion" in Vietnam.

Four brick, five brick, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, ad nauseum. I HATE it. I am SICK of it. But there is no one else to do it.

Thanks, Dave