Whether it is academia, the media, or the hollow rituals of the election cycle the "controversies" are always phony. There is nothing new in this.

How do you get people to understand that when it comes to "controversy" anything plausible routinely takes the place of the truth?

That is how real opposition IS ALWAYS co-opted.


I could not possibly attempt to address my concerns in such a way. My hatred is far too deep for that.

It is this kind of hatred that makes revolutions.

-------Comment by Dave

I have just seen the title of an ongoing thread in Stormfront about fighting amnesty for illegal aliens.

Why would we be part of this? There are millions of people out there fighting amnesty. Our input will mean very little.

I have been part of many, many general movements, but my only purpose was not to determine THAT outcome, but to find potential recruits for OUR ideas, OUR cause.

Being a loner is no fun. It is easy to get excited when, at last, you find yourself in the midst of a huge group of people who are on your side. Many of our people get lost in some cause like that. They keep saying, "Well, I am really fighting for US."

But to keep fighting for US while you are participating in an exciting movement with thousands of others takes a LOT of mental discipline.

My purpose in fighting immigration is to keep making the general point that my RACE is in danger. I get recruits that way. I get people to start thinking our way by that means. On the Big Issue of the Moment I make little difference. The Big Issue of the Moment, though it may matter greatly, is not my focus.

My aim is to get our people thinking RACIALLY. When it comes to immigration, the neocons are trying to keep it from becoming racial. THEY are my opponents, not the open border freaks.

Stormfront is going nowhere if we just become a tail on the Fashionable Cause dog. Bob's Blog is not ABOUT to paint itself into that corner.

In any movement, our ONLY aim is to make it RACIAL. When you involve Stormfront in the issue itself, you are wasting the time and energy of the few people who can make a real difference.

Are we going to grow or are we going to become just one more of an endless number of groups that support big time causes? This is a VERY clear choice.

We can be the group that insists on the basics of race or we can be just a fringe of the general fight against immigration or critics of Jewish power.

Another Interrelationship of Thought:

I just wrote a piece on Stormfront that might have been written for this Blog. That is to say, the beginning was definitely blog stuff. I talked about how a person had started a thread that led into very productive thoughts that strayed completely away from what the person first said.

Sound familiar?

Here it is:

I want to thank Vajo, Jr. for having the courage to start this thread.

As so often happens with thoughtful comments, the important points made here have wandered far away from vajo's original statement. He was scratching an intellectual itch, and when you do that with other powerful minds, the most unexpected insights ensue.

I was depressed when Don Black pointed out that Stormfront readership has indeed hit a ceiling. But that needed to be said. It is problem we must face.

The fact is that Stormfront was a relief to tens of thousands who share our belief system and have been banned from saying so. They poured in, scaring the media out of its wits.

A knowledgeable commenter gave a specific example of the establishment's counterattack, setting up filters to keep us off of many computers. We know about AOL's suppression.

I said to myself, "Bob, you're an idiot. What the hell did you EXPECT?"

OF COURSE they are counterattacking. We are not a bunch of fake "revolutionaries" like The Love Children of the Sixties whom the establishment loved dearly. We are real, serious revolutionaries, and the measure of the importance of real revolutionaries is the counterattack.

But there are at least two totally SEPARATE problems that have come out here. I said that those with our belief system have poured in here. I would guess that, due to fear, maybe ten percent of those who sympathize with us have actually registered.

But I have yet to meet a single person out in the world in general, hard-core segregationists and all, who has even HEARD of Stormfront. The programs I was on about Stormfront on Fox were suppressed as soon as they aired.

But even if we reached all of our comrades out there, there is another, even more important problem: We have been discussing it here at length.

Before I go into this last point, let me make an important statement about the ones before. They contain very good news. Nobody ever made a revolution by sitting around moaning, "It's all HOPELESS! I am so good and everybody else is uncaring and treasonous! I'm going to take my water pistol and go home."

The first point is that we have scared the hell out of the media. The groundswell they keep insisting isn't there IS there, and the tiny resources of Don Black and Jamie Kelso found it.

Secondly they have mounted a major counterattack. I have watched for decades while one little rebellion after another was simply ignored out of existence.

Now to point three: When you get into this movement you learn about a different world from that others take for granted. Then you begin talking to others who have been here a long time. Things that outsiders know nothing about fascinate you.

Point three is this: People inside the movement completely forget HOW they got here.

Old Coach Whitaker and probably Dr. Duke were just loyal white Southern boys when we began. I didn't READ my way into this battle. Nobody gave me a book that exposed the Truth and changed my life.

Yet that is exactly what too many of us are trying to do. Committed comrades can profit from such a group, but that approach limits us to the membership that is hitting a ceiling.

I find that I get RECRUITS when I attack, not Jews, but the educational monopoly that is paid to enforce Political Correctness. That hits a nerve because that is the group that is ruining the lives of young people.

Integration was not a BOOK to Young Bob Whitaker. It was an attack on the South, backed by every resource outsiders had. The same Catholic Church that bitches about Roe Versus Wade excommunicated people in New Orleans who objected to Brown Versus the Board of Education of Topeka and cheered when the Court without a shred of precedent struck down all antimiscegenation laws.

None of this was in a Secret Book. It was headlines.

While we are exposing Jews, the average person is faced with the complete destruction of his homeland. He is oppressed with a more and more openly anti-white policy.

There is nothing surprising about the counterattack. It just shows our effectiveness. There is nothing surprising that a group of people who are talking to each other have hit a ceiling in the population that wants to talk to talk to each other.

This HAD to happen.

We can both remember our roots and get onto gut issues or we can remain a limited debate society. Every real revolutionary movement reaches this point.

It proves we are a real revolutionary movement. It also shows the direction we must begin discussing.