When the Black Muslims were attacked by the FBI, they pronounced it "genocide."

When it was found that the white man's smallpox may have devastated Easter Island, it was called genocide.

Any use of genocide besides that in the Mantra, which describes the only real genocide going on earth, will be laughed at.

So when a charge is made of genocide against "white CHRISTIANS," it will be put into the Joke Bin of Genocide. Christianity is not genetic. Religious decimation is a bad thing, but calling it genocide is exactly like calling pneumonia smallpox.

This always happens when you are spreading a hard, banned truth. It always gets a spin on it that makes it a lie. Only the hard truth itself WORKS. I have watched this happen every time I have gone through this process.

Interracial marriage is the Holy Grail of liberals and respectable conservatives. I must use Lord Nelson's example again, because it is such a clear demonstration of how SUBTLE this disease is. As long as you get away from attacking Holy Assimilation, ALL the charges of heresy end.

So when Lord Nelson found there was less resistance to the idea of Europe "being overwhelmed," even He unconsciously moved in the direction of lesser resistance.

But even respectable conservatives can talk about "being overwhelmed" while they talk about THE races, as if this were not a problem of our race alone.

What the petition to the UN about the "genocide" of "European Christians" shows is the pressure is on, the genocide everybody can see is beginning to cause rumbles. And the timing is not incidental.

But this petition to the UN has nothing to do with US. There will be plenty of people yelling "cultural genocide." Every white nationalist party in Europe is going to come up with its variation. But all of them are going avoid the third rail.

The third rail, the one no one dares touch, consists of two parts. The first is the god of respectability, INTERRACIAL marriage. The second part is that this RACIAL assimilation is required ONLY of white countries and of ALL white countries.

To avoid this reality of genuine genocide, the people who have become "leaders" in the old situation will invent alternatives to RACIAL, like this "Christian" nonsense. The BNP says the only problem is the MOSLEM immigration.

And that is because the Moslems WON'T assimilate.

It is a bit tiresome to see commenters swooning over a complaint which has nothing to do with the Mantra. This is what respectables always do for the left, they make lots of noise, but they also change the subject.

It would be MUCH easier if we could just meld in with anything that sounds like the Mantra. But that is why respectable conservatives are so indispensable to everything bad that happens to us. They change the subject from one the enemy cannot deal with to one that it can deal with.

Get off the real, obvious genocide and slide over to religion or "being overwhelmed by immigration," or religion, and you are on the enemy's ground, and on that ground he has power to grind you right into the dust.

The only thing we have is that this is NOT cultural. This is not about "mixing THE races." It is genocide aimed at whites and everybody, at some level, knows it.

Do not have anything to do with someone who tries to get some easy fix on the Mantra. Like respectable conservatives, they are an integral part of our racial enemies.