As Sam Dickson points out, he and I can remember time when immigrants were, believe it or not GRATEFUL. If you find this hard to believe, you will find it even harder to believe who they were grateful TO.

Immigrants were not grateful to a WHAT. They were grateful TO AMERICANS. This is almost forgotten example of the BASIC "We the People" that Dave pinpoints below.

Almost all of you have been raised in a time when immigrants are not grateful at all. The few who do see their being allowed to come, credit this to The System, to the Propositional State.

During the 1980 campaign Reagan asked us to make suggestions on the campaign. I alone, as usual, asked Rusher to tell Reagan to change to the We the People line. Up to then, like all conservatives, the ads had talked about how lucky you little people were to live under the SYSTEM, all hail the SYSTEM! In short, they were Wordist.

I, as usual alone, said we should talk about the American PEOPLE, how the PEOPLE were bringing America back to life. Those of you who may remember the campaign remember the result. The campaign managers took that idea and RAN with it. Reagan started his American Heroes campaign, showing people running up their flags and singling out regular people who did great things.

This was two decades before 9/11, and it succeeded like wildfire. Instead of stale discussion of institutions and history, it showed present-day Americans.

Until then, everybody in the campaign ignored the fact that Carter won in 1976 on a slogan of "We want to make America as good as its people are."

Nobody ever got Inside-the-Beltway Fever as fast as Carter did when after 1976. Within a year he was bitching about how all our problems were the result of "a malaise among the American people." Everybody remembered that switch-around three years later, because it was the first shot of Carter's move to the standard Washington Left.

But in 1980 Republicans were running the standard "Gosh us little Americans are so LUCKY to be UNDER the INSTITUTIONS we have." It was the Propositional State, presented to a public that had rejected Republicans for a man who talked about the goodness of the American PEOPLE and then switched gears.

I suggested we run on the winning platform of 1976.

It worked like a charm.

Our racist fathers were right. We ARE in danger.

You cannot join the chorus of self-hatred and get a revival going. The Mantra and We the People are inseparable.


BWs post is extraordinary and important, because it is again about the BASICS everybody forgets.

And what everybody forgets is that the tyrants we are up against carry out a political dialogue that in fact presents a unified front. The two parties agree that "We, the People" should only discuss what "We" OWE THEM and must sacrifice for THEM!

The hell with what we want and what we deserve. The only semantics that are permitted involve what THEY WANT and ARE OWED (according to them).

This is ancient. This is the ancient dialogue between an oppressor and the oppressed.

BW's post is excellent guidance in practical politics. I hope Horus is paying attention.