If you READ THE COMMENTS, you will find Dave and Simmons dovetailing on the point that it is time for us to stop fitting into some long-vanished political Right or whatever.

For example, I am getting very, very tired of reading people in Stormfront talking about protecting Obamastan's borders. They are militant about keeping the Hispanics here who vote for their Brother Hispanics right to come here.

Hell, at least THOSE Hispanics have a set of consistent loyalties I can understand. There are already PLENTY of nonwhites here to make an end to whites through the Glorious Assimilation conservatives worship, so why in the Hell should I back some anti-whites in camouflage jackets protecting this ridiculous border?

The horse is out of the friggin' BARN, for God's sake. But we have all these people yelling about closing the door.

The new politics cannot be aimed at the imaginary alliance I fought for in the pre-Reagan days. That did its job. It destroyed the USSR.

But the new job is to save our race. This is a new age. There is no coalition here. We must become spokesmen for the powerful white minority.

The turning point for the Communist Party in Russia came when the Czar had fallen and the elected Duma represented conservatism and the Soviet represented the "workers." A compromise was in the works. The President of the Soviet, which then contained a huge number of revolutionary parties, asked what he thought was a rhetorical question: He said, "We must compromise. After all, is there any party here that would be willing to take on full responsibility on itself alone?"

Lenin, head of the small Bolshevik delegation, stood up and said, "There IS such a party!" From that day, it was Lenin versus non-Lenin.

I played the coalition game when it was relevant. Anyone who reads about the period knows I was a major player in it.

I tell you the Day of the Coalition is OVER.

Someone must speak for the white race, beginning with its SURVIVAL, beginning with the Mantra.

Fitting In is Yesterday. "There is such a party" is Tomorrow.