In the 1950s, liberals and "Christians" told me that we had to give everything to black people because most of the world is colored. Since I was a teenager and at least twice their mental age this fact made me a more determined segregationist. But back the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation was beginning to dominate, and their line was always, "Go with the flow."

"Go with the flow" always means treason because of the ARITHMETIC of treason. That arithmetic says, "Half of us plus ALL of them makes traitors overwhelming odds."

Simple arithmetic always favors treason.

If you want to see that arithmetic in action, look at Protestant England. Every organized country in Europe was Catholic, the mass of the English middle and upper classes had Catholic sympathies, while the mass of the people really just put the church in with their general pagan outlook, as one more god, like the Japanese do today.

Protestants were a minority in England, a TINY minority in Europe, and they were each other's worst enemies. If Charles I had actually secretly gone over to the Catholics, he could probably have won the Civil War. But, despite his devoutly Catholic French wife, Charles I was as devotedly Church of England as Cromwell was Calvinist.

The arithmetic of treason never made anything more clearly inevitable than the recatholicizing of England. But England remained Europe's anti-Catholic bulwark once the Glorious Revolution of 1688 was over.

What happened in 1688 is instructive. As one historian whose name I will insert here when I remember it proved, England was still half Catholic when the Catholic James II took the throne. He built up an army the size of the one Cromwell crushed England with. But Cromwell's army had will, not just pay.

James's army to enforce Catholicism was just as strong in arithmetic as Cromwell's had been. James had the powers of Europe with him. He even tried to get the dissenting sects, including the powerful Puritans, to join Catholics in a common front against the Church of England. As I say, the arithmetic of treason, in this case of a Catholic tyranny modeled on Louis XIV, made James's victory inevitable.

In 1688 that arithmetic simply collapsed. Army and all, James had to flee when William and Mary came. Why? Because James had all the numbers on his side, but none of the will.

I am not speaking of The Will in the abstract Hitler and Gordon Liddy sense. I am speaking of something as obvious as a dollar bill.

We just saw half a century of what will, in the lower case, means. Almost everybody in the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation opposed interracial marriage and open borders and they overwhelmingly condemned practically everything liberals did.

But the whole history of post-WWII America is their MORAL spinelessness. They lost EVERYTHING, not because they lacked numbers, but because when some WWII vets said they fought a WAR to open the borders, they fought a WAR to end racism, they fought a WAR to create Israel, not one of the other WWII vets EVER objected OPENLY.

James II had a paid army. Like The Greatest Generation, they REALLY fought a war for their benefits, as they said. Those with political will could HAVE the rest. They would agree to anything if they got their money and decades of praise for giving at third of mankind to the Communists that would have embarrassed Jehovah.

They even got a book written that called them The Greatest Generation. They also crammed all the Founding Fathers, plus Lincoln, into a single Presidents' Day.

But the problem with this arithmetic, matching get-along-go-alongs with a tiny minority of people with real will and real moral courage is that they don't match.

You can see that in how long James II lasted. You can see that in how long the Czar lasted. You can see that in how long the Soviet Empire lasted.

Today's minority-dominated society has every kind of arithmetic going for it. It has the army. It has the neoconservatives and the liberal Jewish money power. It has the "Christians," both modern and fundamentalist.

And it is dead on its feet.