It is not the Jews we need to take our country back from. The Jews have simply used the ammunition dumps they had already been provided BEFORE most of them got here.

If we are to take America back, we must take it back from Abraham Lincoln. It was he who declared that our country is based UPON THE PROPOSITION that all men are created equal. This is as alien to our Constitution as any Marxist Russian Jew. That is the declaration of the melting pot.

George Will says this perfectly. He says, "Other countries like Germany and France are based on a population, based on Frenchmen and Germans. America is based on a proposition: YOU ACCEPT THE PROPOSITION AND YOU ARE AN AMERICAN."

I will not say, "in other words" because there are no other words. What Will is saying that anyone on earth who agrees with him is more of an American, has more right to BE here, than those of us whose families have been here for three to four hundred years.

The Constitution of the United States could not have said anything more opposite. Its only basis of power is "We the people of hte United States of America and OUR posterity." The only REASON for the existence of America is secure the blessings of liberty "for ourselves and our posterity."

As Secretary of State John Quincy Adams put it, "We are the friends of liberty everywhere, but the guardians only of our own."

For this entire century every war from World War I to Iraq has been fought on the premise that our only mission to is to protect foreigners. We left our borders open and fought to save Stalin. We leave our borders open and go our to fight for Israel. This has been going on since Lincoln took citizenship away from the people of the United States of America and our posterity.

Almost every monomaniacal anti-semite I know agrees with Lincoln. He just says Lincoln had the wrong proposition. He says America is based on the CHRISTIAN proposition, not the JEWISH proposition. He may say that America is based on a "freedom proposition" or a capitalist proposition. Lincoln and the Jews are just un-American because the only right we have to be here is based on a DIFFERENT proposition.

This is the very embodiment of the Big Lie. It is a lie so gigantic and so basic that everybody assents to it.