My concept of power is coming up with an idea and getting it to the world in general. Most people get an idea and write a book about it. That is RELATIVELY easy, thought I hope never to write another book.

"If I had had more time, I would have written less." In other words, this old writers' rule says that the more you want to boil your idea down, the more work you have to put into it. A big book takes a lot of work, but not nearly as much as thinking and rethinking a concept until one has it in a short form that seems obvious once somebody has heard it.

There is no reward for this but raw power. When someone finally writes a thick book saying what I worked out, the doctrine goes in his name.

But this endless work of boiling it down is only the beginning. Once an idea has been boiled down to "Labor VOTES" or "EVERY white country and ONLY white countries," it is just the beginning, though that is more work than a book in itself. Once I get the formula and say it, I get a blank look and the person I am talking to goes onto discuss the Great Theory or The Latest Thing.

It was not until 1982 that I was able to put together The New Right Papers, and it was the vehicle for Societal Property Rights - "Labor VOTES" - to be the vehicle I had been seeking for years.

Getting a formula into tens of millions of minds - that is what Madison Avenue makes its billions doing. I pointed that out in my Arizona speech and got the usual dazed look back.

I did this on concept after concept, and I have found that it works best when no one traces it back to me. Power is NOT getting credit. Getting credit is a separate job altogether.

But try to conceive of the WORK involved here. Try to imagine the YEARS each idea took.

It is important for me to take credit here so that you will REALIZE that you have the only key to true power in the real world right here in BUGS.

All this is to introduce a comment from me:

YOU have made the Mantra proceed. You need to keep slamming at them with it and be encouraged by the fact that Fjordmann and others are getting the idea after I have been pushing it for over two decades.

We are changing the world, the REAL world, not the "I am Tough and Practical" world.

This is a geometric progression. When my ideas come back in a mainline source, it has gone from me to a hundred thousand. From a hundred thousand to a major impact on policy is a shorter process - though it seems long to us - than getting the first stage.

I join in Sarge in saying, "We are marching. YOU are the only ones who understand what we are doing. Power is the only encouragement you will get for a while. It has driven me for over half a century.

Now, with Fjordmann, you SEE it working. It took two decades to get this far.

But as long as only we see it, only we have the power.