I have not posted the mantra there, but I have a discussion going on SF. It is, of course, about the genocide of the white race.

Comment by Adelheim


I just put the Mantra in there.

Adelheim has the cover of Why Johnny Can't Think as his SF avatar. BRILLIANT!

I gave a talk below about direct mail. I told you how it works, and it WORKS, which is a critical point. You start by doing a test on bigger lists that may have people interested your own area. If you get you get enough money from a test to make it worthwhile to mail the whole list, you mail it all. You always lost money at that stage, but you mail the whole list anyway. Your reward is that you now an addition to your "house list," your bread and butter, people who are interesting in giving to YOUR cause.

Which is why I keep hitting the Opposing Views section. In a world of people who aren't interested yet, the antis on SF are the ones who are interested in our issue. It's certainly no house list, but it certainty not a random group either.

The Sugg article pointed out that the OV section is the second biggest forum on SF. I pointed out that SF HAS an Opposing Views section, which the media do not. But what is more important is that here are tens of thousands of people interested in race we can talk to. You don't HAVE to convert them. Our points will be spread by THEM anyway.

Adelheim has the three-dimensional thinking needed in a real struggle. He goes where the action is and puts in what he has given a lot of thought to. He realizes that our victory is not when someone openly converts. It is our IDEAS that are deadly to our brain-dead enemies ANYWHERE. That is why OUR conspiracy is open to everybody.

And No, Pain, it is not wrong to state what should be obvious:

We can go public because we are right. They have to suppress and hide because they are WRONG.