Mommy Professor's Puppet Privilege

Back in 1976 I was on the Barry Farber show on WOR in New York City promoting my first book. His opposition speaker, funny on how liberals never seem to require an opposition speaker, was a guy who said he hadn't read my book.

This is standard practice. When the book about Jefferson's supposed black children came out, they had several people discussing it and one was black. The black said he hadn't read the book.

The one attack on my book on Amazon book reviews started with, guess what, "I haven't read the book."

One thing you notice about the white traitor and Vox commenting on BUGS is that they have not READ any of BUGS.

It never occurred to them to do so because Mommy Professor has told them what he wants them to say and the last thing a group whose only strategy is screaming and outlawing the other side is going to want is that HERESY be read.

Vox really let that out of the bag when he said that "tinting," meaning browning of our race, never hurt us.

I have pointed out at least twenty times that all of the countries that once had Great Civilizations have gone down for good, and they are all now BROWN. Even in Italy, the part of the country that stayed brown is the poverty region.

If you woke up from a dunk in a strange country that first thing you would want to know is the skin color. ALL "tinted" countries except those where whites found oil and paid the locals for it are poor and dirty.

Vox didn't see that. He sure as hell couldn't THINK of it.

So he declares an anti-white Lysenkoism. It is doctrine that white countries that have taken on black blood are just fine, in exactly the same way Lysenko ordered summer wheat to be planted in winter so it would "learn" to be winter wheat.

Everybody sees the color line, the "tint" line, from the Rio Grande to the Mediterranean. But, exactly like Lysenko, they are forbidden to THINK about it. That is the scariest part of tyranny, how people cease to THINK because they can't risk it, sort of like that Twilight Zone segment with the little boy who punished people for bad thoughts.

So I think we will withdraw Mommy Professor's Puppet Privilege. We will no longer allow anyone who has not READ our stuff to comment on it.

Some of what Vox says is fun, but none of it has anything to do with what we are actually doing. We already blame whites for their own troubles, and if he had read any of BUGS he would know that.

But, once again, the big advantage of allowing these two on is that they show that the totally mindless stereotype I keep talking about is NOT a stereotype. Even Vox blames US for teaching him Blonde is Beautiful.

Like all Mommy Professors, Vox puts blacks in a category with animals. Animals are not responsible, they are just trained.

Demanding Free Speech is the High Ground

In General Comments one of a pro-white pointed out that one attack consisted of what pro-whites on SF is always saying: It's too late to save the white race.

The commentator was too wise to fall into that trap.

This "too late" business is prophet only tactic they have against the Mantra: getting off the subject. Look at the Mantra. What is says is that white genocide is a legitimate topic of discussion on what is a legitimate subject of concern to white people.

The Mantra points out that this would be a natural topic of concern for BLACK people under the same conditions. Like amateurs in Stormfront, anti-whites want to go straight into the hopelessness of it all, which shows why the SFers are amateurs: They make the anti-whites' points FOR them.

Kicking into your own goal is a great ways to lose.

The answer to this is, as I say, IN the Mantra. This is a legitimate concern of white people. What is the first thing an intelligent human being does when faced with a legitimate problem?


Anti-whites use this "hopeless" business to SUPPRESS any DISCUSSION of a legitimate problem. We refuse to get into solutions - like the Final Solution to the White Problem they are pushing under the euphemism "race" problem - until we are allowed to DISCUSS our legitimate concern.

Right now we are saying we should not be called racists to gag us from talking about white genocide.

Another GC 5 pro-white quoted a anti-white as saying we were just whining. He said we are complaining because WE don't have enough children. This is the same mistake Lord Nelson was falling into and immediately got out of as soon as I called him on it:

This is not just immigration and "being overwhelmed by numbers," it is the fact that any time someone presses intermarriage as a "solution" he has in mind that one of the partners is white. "Assimilation" is being pressed as a Final Solution to the WHITE Problem, not the "race" problem.

Keep YOUR objective in mind. Those who attack us are NEVER doing it to DISCUSS white genocide, they are ALWAYS demanding that all discussion fit be SUPPRESSED.

Our goal now is to argue that we have a right to discuss this without being yelled at or arrested. We deserve the same public forum freedom of speech allows anyone. It is the thugs attacking and screaming down our spokesmen that freedom of speech is designed to stop.

No Revolution, no Institutions, no Policy Demands

Looking at an exchange of comments, I agree with your conclusion that we should not use the word "revolution."

As usual this conclusion comes from going back to the basics. What we are after is seems simple, but it is taking on the entire establishment and about every government on earth: we want the disappearance of our race from the face of the earth to be seen as a legitimate topic of discussion.

Pro-whites shutter from their mistakes. Stormfront put them out there for all to see.

So far, as we lost ground, we always mixed up our legitimate complaints with a demand for some policy. From swastikas to being unwelcome joiners of the anti-immigration movement, we have hitched out wagon to the star of the moment.

The result is that anti-whites have been able to get us off the subject of our legitimate concern by arguing about immigration or whether Hitler was better than Stalin. The actual point, our concern about the obvious disappearance of our race, is buried in standard arguments.

Take it from me, detaching our right to be concerned has been an uphill struggle. The mass audience wants the latest news about some immigration outrage or a Revisionist View of History.

But we now have BUGS and we MUST maintain the discipline BUGS is based on. No one else has it.

That discipline is demanding to DISCUSS our problem without being bullied or outlawed. Screaming fascist or Communists is what fascists and Communists do.

Now, we all know that all the respectable people insist that the only way to deal with a concern is to TALK about it. The fact is that the Mantra is so water-tight that all they can do is get off the subject by arguing specific policies or by rioting and screaming at us and outlawing us.

You have seen what the Mantra can do. They know very well that if whites look at the situation rationally, as any other race would be expected to do, the anti-whites are lost.

We are NOT advocating a policy yet. You have to be able to talk and think rationally before a policy is worked out. That is what they are openly denying us the right to do. They are doing it the same way all tyrannies do, by screaming that any discussion is subversive and dangerous and screaming labels at us.

Every time they are unfair it gives us another example. You have to get over your anger, which I have never been able to do quickly, and copy and paste it for future use.

You must READ the Mantra over and over to prepare to argue INSIDE its context. If you stick to the subject, it is all there.

A Note From Your Absent-Minded Professor

Mantra Thinking is looking at basics that one Mommy Professor's world would never look at. Once you get used to it, it is amazing how no one notices the truth of the so-called "race" problem that it applies only to white countries and to all white countries.

But Newton also did Mantra Thinking. Through all the ages of hard work that had gone before, gravity was a force everyone was all too familiar with.

But Newton didn't just NOTICE gravity he LOOKED at it.

Likewise in all the millennia before Adam Smith Successful merchants all the way back before Neanderthal knew that what was most valuable were what were most rare. Men have made their livings buying things where they grow in plenty and taking them to places where they are not for time out of mind.

But Adam Smith didn't just NOTICE supply and demand, he LOOKED at it.

These days the million of or Mommy Professors are a bureaucracy like any other bureaucracy, but it hasn't been that long since someone who became a college teacher was FASCINATED by his subject.

A century ago they were known as Absent Minded Professors, because their minds were on mathematics or history or whatever they devoted their lives to. That is forgotten now, when there are so many of them and most of them did well in school so they just stayed there.

I hope I am throwback to the old fashioned kind of professor. I think Mantra Thinking is the most fascinating thing in the world. It fills all my hours. And, like an old-fashioned professor, I want you to be fascinated by it too.

For instance a documentary talked about how the trilobites who died out in the Cambrian Extinction but they have descendants, today's ANTS. They just mentioned it in passing, but to me the idea is fascinating when you THINK about it.

A trilobite was a couple of FEET long. There was no land life then, so they were in the ocean. We don't know if they had any social life at all, but it seems unlikely. So I love the sheer mystery of this. I dwell on it.

We do have a complete fossil history of how the whale began as a hoofed predator about dog-size. Became something like a hairy alligator breeding and living on land, and evolved into the whale as we know it now.

Back when the name of t his forum was changed from blog to seminar, I talked at length about how this was about the only real seminar existing today. A seminar today is simply where graduate students learn to think and talk like members of the professorial bureaucracy.

Seminars used to be the place where on moved from student to talking about one OWN ideas of the subject he had mastered. It was the transition point between hearing and coughing up facts to the level of being a scholar. I explained at length, and it is still there if you want to look for some of it, that I give you points but you have to look at them from your own religious or non-religious, or any point of view from your own mind.

This is a real, old-fashioned seminar, and I am a real old-fashioned professor.

Evolution and Wordism

The Cambrian Extinction is considered the worst that ever happened. Actually the Oxygen Extinction was more extensive, but no one wants to count that. When green plants evolved and oxygen permeated the atmosphere, all the rest of life had been anaerobic, and ALL of it either died or was driven from the surface.

The Cambrian Extinction took out the highest percentage of existing life forms after that. It completely destroyed he trilobites. The trilobites were on the order of two feel long, and, as the name indicates, their bodies were separated into three parts.

But, just as dinosaurs lie today as birds, the trilobites are still among us.

We call their descendants ants. Just as the original whale was an earth animal like a dog with hooves, there could not be a greater difference between the trilobites and their present progeny.

Trilobites evolved, as did the dinosaurs and the hoofed dogs. But what is of interest to us is that the trilobites evolved into an institution. The anthill could not be more different from its trilobic ancestors.

Trilobites lived only in the sea. In fact, present information is that there was no life on land when the Cambrian Extinction occurred. Trilobites were distinct creatures. The ant hill is the most extreme kind of collectivism, where class distinctions are absolute.

We have no idea whether any trilobites had any communal life at all.

But when I say institutions evolve, I am stating a universal truth. We don't know whether the hoofed carnivore ancestor of the whale was a communal animal at all. We do know that a blue whale compared to that animal in size much the way an ant compares to a trilobite, only the other way around.

Does this mean that the trilobite "wanted" to be an ant and the dinosaurs spent a hundred million years wishing they were birds? There's no sign of it.

But Wordism tends to make men into an entirely different kind of animal. We seem to be as aware of that as a dinosaur was of evolution.

If You Don't USE the Mantra You Discredit It

It is critical to remember that the Mantra is not a debating tactic.

The Mantra is repeating back to anti-whites what they say all the time. If everyone took it for granted that every black country - NOT JUST AFRICA - were singled out for immigration, it would not take five minutes for everybody to realize this was an anti-BLACK measure.

Over and over I have given the example that singling out Iceland for immigration is like singling out Haiti along with all black countries. The other half of the island of San Domingo, the Dominican Republic, is already mixed blood, so it would be exempted from the pressure.

When I use the term Jewish Wet Dream I am REPEATING what an endless number of Jews have said to me and in public. They start with "I am Jewish, so..." and then they say that anyone wanting to preserve the white race is an enemy. "Race-mixing," by which they mean WHITE-mixing, is therefore a Jew's duty.

So when I point out that, from what THEY say, the ultimate in race-mixing, a blond girl and a black man, is a Jewish Wet Dream. They have said a million times that it represents one of their main goals in life.

Telling people what they just said is a very different form of argument than accusing a group of secret manipulations. It takes a think to "expose" such a Conspiracy. And it is as productive as accusing businessmen of wanting to make a profit.

The Mantra is the total application of the basic rule of Western science, the rule that made it the ONLY real; science on earth, Occam's Razor. Occam's Razor says that you cut away the crap. Occam's Razor says that you look carefully at the obvious cause of something instead of building a whole new World Philosophy on a whole new theology or philosophy.

Occam's Razor is the reason we are using the Internet rather than banging on drums.

Commenters run into an endless stream of critics who want to get away from the basic point and talk about a World View. The one great barrier for us is the insistence that the Mantra will "cause trouble," that the white problem is already being solved by being called the RACE problem.

So why bring it up?

Because you cannot deal with a problem until you have STATED the problem. What we want right now is for the planned extinction of our race to be RECOGNIZED as a PROBLEM.

INS Private School Quotas and Today

I very seldom try to link BUGS with current issues. But Porch Talk is not connected with what just happened. I went from Porch Talk to suing what I learned listening to it in the hardness and most practical kind of current politics.

Porch Talk can be good advice in almost anything.

One example is my lone and successful initiative to get congress to stop the IRS from unilaterally imposing race quotas on private schools. The reason it is current is because Obama announced his intention to get a lot of his environmentalist programs that congress wouldn't pass through by having regulatory agencies impose them.

Our most effective argument against this, as usual, was a basic. A regulatory agency only exists because congress cannot do everything. Article 1 of the Constitution says that "ALL legislative authority is invested in Congress."

John Ashbrook asked each of the one in the minority that did not want to repeal those INS regulations, "Why don't you introduce those regulations in congress?" It was very effective, like the Mantra, because it dealt with a point no one had considered in many years: regulatory agencies issue regs to CARRY OUT the mission given them in the legislation which created them.

When John died and Mrs. Ashbrook and Bob Dornan were left to debate the renewal of the ban on such IRS regulations. From a four to one majority, they damned near lost. They were pitiful. As usual, they ended up compromising.

I wish you could have seen their floundering attempts to defend what John and I had beaten the crap out of the opposition on.

It wasn't just the issue, it was the ARGUMENTS we had that got that four to one majority. I watched it on C-Span, and even I was impressed by how critical it is TO GET YOUR POINTS RIGHT.

What they desperately needed was me. I have seldom felt so helpless, as I had moved on into the Administration. But even I did not fully realize until that moment how absolutely critical it is to MAKE YOUR POINT AND MAKE IT RIGHT.

Both Dornan and Mrs. Ashbrook were totally devoted to what they were doing, but they didn't have the intellectual discipline John and I had developed, and I watched them lose a lot for that reason.

Most people are not really aware that regulatory agencies are given only the powers congress hasn't the TIME to regulate. They're not legislative bodies.

Read any agency ruling and you will find, first of all, reference to the legislation that gave the agency the right to make that regulation.

But I doubt seriously anyone among the respectable conservatives will MAKE that point, much less ram it down the opposition's throat the way they would have to rein in the Obama Power Grab.

Is Loyalty a Sin?

I pointed out that while every human being had always dealt with gravity, Isaac Newton did the Mantra Thinking and THOUGHT about gravity. I pointed out that every successful businessman back to Neanderthal practiced supply and demand, but Adam Smith went Mantra and THOUGHT about it.

I have talked about how no one ever fails to join in a discussion of "Is Eastern Europe READY for immigration?" but nobody ever THINKS about it. Why should Eastern Europe be ready for immigration and not much richer countries like Japan or Taiwan?

The Mantra THINKS about that and point out "Eastern Europe is White."

We all learn about the Medieval struggle between Church and State and, like early men with gravity or traders with supply and demand, we didn't THINK about it. We know why that struggle happened, just as men always knew about gravity and supply and demand.

It never occurs to us WHY we know.

The answer is simple: Church and State were two institutions competing for the same resources.

Backbaygrouch was a bit grouchy when I insisted that the Catholic Church was anti-white. But unlike others, he caught on immediately when I pointed out that ALL institutions are anti-white. All institutions compete for a limited resource:

Our loyalty.

We have watched Stormfront having a knock-down-drag-out fight about whether a person can be pro-white without being a Christian. We are wearily aware of all the people who want to destroy the white race because they are loyal to respectability.

The Reformed Church in South Africa switched sides on apartheid, just as Bob Jones IV did on the Confederate flag. Did either of them honestly believe that GOD had changed his mind on these issues at just the right time?

Rome declared Joan of Arc a saint after World War II. She had gone out and, in the Name of God, killed the English invaders, who were then also Catholic, for the sake of her King and country.

But the Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans excommunicated lifelong loyal Catholics who publicly opposed integration.

If you are to understand Christ, you have to view the institutions that claim his name as institutions, just as you must understand that the men who speak for religion are just men.

We all know that, but while we would say we know it, we don't THINK about it.

Christ did. In fact the quotes we have from Christ himself show a deep, penetrating acceptance of human nature:

"Not all who call me Lord, Lord, will be saved."

Not all who called him Lord would be right.

Each real church considers that it represents the true Christ. God knows what the rulers of the mainline Protestant churches believe, if anything.

But churches consist of mere humans and as no one has considered enough, each one is an institution which has survived in competition with every other institution. Realizing this evolution of institutions is every bit as important as understanding the nature of humans in general.

Mantra Thinking and the Human Nature Revolution

The whole basis of ALL Wordism is that human nature produces societies that are contrary to human nature.

All Wordism begins with Rousseau's assumption that in nature all animals are equal, that animals have no wars that birds sing to attract mates, but hold no territory against other birds.

Even Jesus talked about the birds as if they did not plan for tomorrow. Really? Watch the male get the best tree to attract his mate, watch the birds build their nests.

This is one of the most critical things you can learn from the Old Man simply because he is an Old Man. No one but me seems to remember how totally ALL the forms of Wordism, left and right, were developed when EVERYONE actually BELIEVED that in nature there were no borders, no class distinctions, no war.

That is why there IS Wordism. Wordism assumes that everything "wrong" with "society" is the result of our institutions, our going Away From Nature. Remove civilization, said Rousseau, and all of men's evil habits would go away.

In fact Rousseau came up with our present assumptions that Noble Savages are just like animals, so they are guiltless and good. Rousseau invented the term Noble Savage.

He never SAW one, of course.

All the other forms of Wordism begin with this same assumption. Marxism says that the only thing keeping us of his idea of the utopia is exploitation. He began with the idea that animals have no class system and no exploitation.

Libertarians believe that if government were removed, people would go back to their natural instinct to be as free as the birds.

But birds are not free. Their nature controls their life to an extent even a Communist government would find hard to imitate.

No social animal has anything like equality.

This is Mantra Thinking. Mantra Thinking does not accept the details everybody is talking about. Mantra Thinking goes back to the assumptions everybody takes for granted.

ALL social science, ALL Wordism, is still in the 1950s before the total revolution about how social animals actually behave occurred and ALL our assumptions about animal and human nature became completely laughable.

I get almost no comments on this. In a seminar, your comments are your own, but the old professor would like to see more talk about how different the world looks when you realize that the ENTIRE so-called Intellectual Discussion is as out of date and as just plain SILLY as arguing how many angels can stand on the point of a pin.

The problem is, we all know the angels on a pin stuff is ridiculous, but we STILL take our outdated "discussion seriously.

Mantra Thinking Grabs the Anti-Whites' Ladders

Many people today see the pro-white's fate today as that of an ancient bastion whose walls are being conquered.

Thousands of times in ancient warfare there was the same scene:

The enemy outnumbers us twenty to one, and some of us are fighting him as he comes across the wall on ladders pouring over our defenders. Most of us are away from the wall crying "All is lost!" Relatively few are so devoted that they will die on the wall just to delay the enemy, though those running away do not show up in Heroic movies.

Davy Crocket is doing all he can to beat the Mexicans off that are at the top of the ladders.

But we all know that one the fort is breached and it can't keep off the ladders, all that is left is to die heroically.

But what if somebody snuck out of the Alamo and took advantage of the confusion of Mexicans trying to get onto the crowded ladders, and went in and jerked the ladders out from under them?

As long as you concede them the ladders, you are lost.

Stormfront tried for years to throw off the guys coming over on the ladders. The ladders the enemy used were on our wall, and we never gave any thought to the BASE of those ladders.

The BASE of the conquering ladders was based on the solid ground that we had to accommodate them, to be fair, to be decent, to treat everyone the same. We were arguing about "mankind" pouring into all white countries and ONLY white countries as if everyone had as much right to white countries as we did.

Everybody in SF seemed to think of himself as Davy Crockett, fighting it out hand to hand.

If you are only fighting the swarming masses at the TOP of the ladder, OF COURSE you are doomed.

The Mantra pulls the ladder out from under them.

When I use the Mantra the anti-whites look a lot like a warrior who is at the top of the ladder, seeing his forces overwhelming the wall, when suddenly someone takes the thing out from under him. He is holding on, his legs swinging, and he doesn't know what to do next.

But I feel that a lot of commenter's are still playing Davy Crockett. They can't see Old Davy sneaking down in a Mexican uniform and joining those who are taking the ladders away.

They want to talk about how The World is Going. They want to yell that we are not defeated and go right on with the kind of fighting that got us into this fix in the first place.

Stop beating your chest. Stop trying to call those mewling runaways to come back to the wall.

Go where the action is.

Go grab the ladders.

The Excuse for Banning Discussion of White Genocide is the Same One EVERY Tyranny Has EVER Used

Anti-whites suppress any discussion of white genocide because Hitler talked about it.

If you outlawed discussion of anything that had not been horribly misused in history every cross would to taken from every church. No one would-be allowed to wear anything that had a cross on it. Nothing has been used to kill and enslaved more tens of millions of people than Christianity.

If you used that excuse, every clergyman would be in prison.

If you outlawed discussion of anything that had been horribly misused historically, anyone who talked about the distribution of income would be in prison.

Stalin used the question the distribution of income to kill tens of millions, and Mao Tse Tung killed even more. Would it be all right then for a gang of thugs to show up and riot every time someone came to the campus to discuss income redistribution.

In Communist countries the word "fascist" is used all the time. In fascist countries almost opposition was called "Communist." That is exactly the way the "racist" is used today.

Freedom of speech is always suppressed with the excuse that it might trouble. Tyrannies like Nazism and Communism Always used somebody else's totalitarianism to justify their own.

In fact, no suppression of free speech has EVER used anything but screaming some label to justify itself.

If no one stands up for the right of a person to openly talk about the disappearance of the white race we see going on around us, how long will it be before Political Correctness condemns their discussion of other issues?

The Time Is Coming That Tries Men's Souls

Senior staff spent a lot of time on the House Floor. We were technical support on particular legislation and there were usually plenty of seats unoccupied, so it was easier for the congressmen to have us right there.

But when something had the whole membership down there, a lot of us would sit in the Jefferson Room or watch on the TV in the office.

But my position was as an idea man. So by the time something I was working on got the whole House membership there, it was a general issue and I was not needed down there.

I would sit in the Visitor's Gallery, if there was a seat, watching the whole House fighting over an issue I had started rolling.

One of those times another staffer sat near me in the Visitor's Gallery, and he said, "You got this started, didn't you?" The two biggies I remember were when I got Ashbrook to get us the weekend when anti-space types were trying to end the space telescope. Another was when I got the organizations in there to stop the IRS from enforcing its self-made rule to force race quotas on private schools.

But there were a number that only I thought of. On the above two, by the way, we won four to one on the Floor with almost the entire membership voting.

The staffer I just mentioned sat near me on another such full House vote, and he said, with some wonder, "You got THIS started, too, didn't you?"

That made me feel good.

These votes were a lot like the Mantra. I grabbed a subject that regular conservatives would have let slip. Please note that the removal of the Hubbard Telescope was going through when I stopped it, and when the whole thing actually got to the Floor, it was beaten about 340-80.

We trounced them by the same margin on the IRS race quotes.

And on most of the things I got to the Floor.

In other words, once I got hold of it and put in plain English, they couldn't defend the position they were sneaking through. I did that for a living. So the Mantra took me YEARS to plant, and those who try it run right over the opposition.

The opposition can only try to keep it from reaching the Floor.

But at first, in every case of these House issues, I had to work my tail off to the point of passing out sometimes to get people off their asses. General Comments 5 is the fruit of a number of years I spent by myself trying to get the Mantra across.

You should be encouraged by the fact that this is not an accident. I know what can win, even if the entire elected representation and their staffs do not.

I also know how hard it was for the few others on the Hill who Got It each time. They were not as used to the complete blockheadedness of the entire membership and staff they worked with. Some of them quit, but I still won.

Hence my nervous breakdowns.

The next time an issue came from me, everybody had totally forgotten I had gotten it started. It is a very important rule: Some people DO things and others live by taking credit for them.

Instead of being bitter about this, I found it useful. If the other side had KNOWN it was me, they would have watched me like a hawk. So I traded credit for real power, as I have said here many, many times.

I can't imagine a more powerful position to be in. For you, I cannot imagine a more frustrating position to be in. You are hitting at a target and the entire media is dedicated to keeping anyone from knowing you are doing it.

This is a great time, when you are realizing how helpless the other side is when you have the Mantra and accompanying arguments down pat. I can hardly sit still when I look at General Comments 5.

But this is the phase I went through in those earlier cases, when an enthusiastic group had taken up the cry. But the enthusiasm hit a brick wall every time. People do not take frustration well.

Next year the second phase will begin, when you have been doing this for a year and the novelty is wearing off. It was no fun on the Hill for that enthusiastic group to run into one respectable conservative after another who just DIDN'T GET IT.

That is the time when the enthusiasts start saying, "Well, we tried but it didn't work."

I have been through that stage many, many times. But if I kept them at it, it ALWAYS worked.

Your job is to get the Mantra in there.


The only problem there is now is YOUR getting tired of hitting the message and seeing no obvious results.

Those are the times that try men souls...

This is the Big Leagues

I just wrote a piece, "Here Comes the Cavalry!" hoping you would understand why I have such a hard time listening to your You Tube and other broadcasts. I literally have papers to prove how bad it is for me after all those years wearing myself out writing speeches.

In fact, just about the You Tube I actually looked at lately was when I was told that a good-looking girl was doing it. Let me assure you that my interest was entirely intellectual.

Trust me. I was in politics, you know.

But my experience is useful. For example, it is a lot harder to write a short column every day than it is to write one long one each week.

But the best example I can come up with is to say that one person writing a book, unless he is one of the New York Times favorites, is hell of a lot of work for him and his editor, but compared to the effort put into a simple, short slogan, it is trivial.

The Pause That Refreshes," "Just DO It." There are hundreds of these slogans that everyone knows is connected to one product.

And that, of course, is the point.

Lord knows how many dollars went into the Army's slogan "Be All You Can Be" and then its switch to "An Army of One." But this is a difference I have to point out.


Short is HARD WORK.

We act like professionals because our effort is to make the Mantra SHORTER. You may tend to forget that the whole rest of the pro-white movement tends to believe a book is impressive by its weight.

Those short slogans that are copyrighted by companies and worth a hundred million dollars took years to hammer out. Someone may have mentioned it, but it didn't go into the market the next day.

As I told you before, direct mail, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than something like A Pause That Refreshes, evolved through a statistical process made of thousands of test mailings. The length of each sentence is varied in one test, a single word will be used in one and another single word in another test.

Direct mail evolved through thousands of such statistical checks. Try to imagine what a billion-dollar company's slogan goes through.

I often wonder what General Comments 5 looks like to a pro-white who first sees it. Some of our experienced people cut the use of words so thin that, if words were money, they would make Shylock look like a Big Spender.

But that is not all there is to it, of course. We are used to for a where we will get only one shot and then the desbot cuts us off. So sometimes you have to get all you can in once.

There are thousands of people who make luxurious livings working day and night to fit in exactly as many words as will fit and give the message.

This is the big leagues.

To Pro-Whites, ALL Institutions are Alien

The article "It's Ugly!" pointed out that the product of a Jewish Wet Dream, a blond woman and a black man, was just plain ugly. The answer is that this doesn't matter, that a kinky-haired, blue eyed black having to go through life looking like that means nothing.

All that matters is that, at the time of copulation, the Jewish Wet Dream couple was "in love."

If you can take that crap seriously, that being ugly is nothing compared to the emotions of two people at one moment in time, one of us is a very sick puppy indeed.

A lady commenter said that blacks were mean to the blonds they marry. A chorus of commenters said that was not the point, so I was spared the trouble.

This is the problem with a real seminar. It is one reason they no longer exist. In a seminar, the young graduate students are deadly serious. Everybody really catches hell from time to time, so the young lady just ran into something all of us have to catch from time to time because we are serious.

It beats hell out of what they now call a seminar, which is young graduate students learning what they are supposed to say and vomiting it back. It is a continuation of grammar school, as is Middle School, high school, and college.

Mommy Professor's "education" is one long grammar school.

If our lady commentator thinks about it, it is a hell of a lot better to catch hell at rare intervals rather than sitting there for hours listening to the grammar school Political Correctness drill year after year after year after year after year after year..

The point here is that the destruction of our race is more important than how a female race-traitor is treated or Love Conquers All.

In the more general context what the other commenter's were saying was what we all said when Stormfront got into a debate about whether one could be pro-white and not be practicing Christian:

"Why in the hell does one have to be loyal to an institution to fight for his race?"

On this front we have had some hot words about Catholic and Protestant behavior.

I use churches as the prime example of independence institutions, which doesn't get mentioned in any classroom. Our race is being destroyed in the name of institutions.

It is VERY important to get the pro-white position on this straight: Loyalty to ANY institution is anti-white.

It is impossible for any person raised in society NOT to have feelings for some institutions. Even me. When someone says something nasty about the South, my back goes up like an infuriated cat's. When Catholicism is just plain insulted, Backbaygrouch reacts as someone who has stood for that sort of thing for decades would be expected to.

I know more bad things about the South than any of its detractors. BBG knows more dirt on his church than outsiders so. But it is still a touchy point with us.

It always will be. But we all have greed and all the other Deadly Sins, too.

What we have done here is take this loyalty to institutions out and see it is no longer moral when our race is literally being obliterated. That is the ONLY MORAL consideration.

The fight going on about a commenter's sayings about Catholics and Protestants will not be settled by me or anybody else making some soothing remarks to soothe the feelings expressed.

The ONLY thing we must remember is that we are in a graduate seminar. We have outgrown our college education whether we had one or not. If a commenter makes statements that he or she feels are relevant, they are going to sound like insults to some institution.

But. Unlike today's so-called seminars, this is a real one. It is up to the commenter to keep insults down. It is up to the other commenter to not let the whole thing go off in a defense of an institution.

In short, it is a matter for grown-ups not Mommy Professor's lifetime children being nice to each other. A real professor, now a vanished breed, would use this occasion to point out the real point of the real discussion: We must grow out of our loyalty to institutions.

What Happens When People are Trained not to THINK

If you ever want an example of how Mantra Thinking applies to everything, not just race, this one is a good start.

A previous article talked about the professional environmentalists' demand that the European nuclear collider be abandoned because of cost overruns. What hit me was that the article said "Environmentalists see this AS THEIR OPPORTUNITY to end the collider program."

The collider is part of a long-term scientific program to solve the energy problem by scientific means rather than a world rationing program like that in the Kyoto Treaty.

Note the wording, see it as their OPPORTUNITY...". Since my 1976 book I had not seen anybody talk about the natural growth of the competition between bureaucratic state movement and hard science. This sentence shows that, while most people reading the latest thing from Oprah or Iraq never think of such things, it is as obvious to those on the scene.

Environmentalism is against all scientific programs that might solve the problem they are trying to build a world-wide rationing system on. The collider takes up twelve billion dollars that could hire Mommy Professor's social science graduates.

When I say it in plain English, it sounds absurd, but the author of the article cited above clearly sees the conflict and takes it for grants.

This is much like the fact that articles regularly discuss "Is Eastern Europe Ready for Large Scale Immigration Yet?" and it seems a natural subject. It would make everybody wonder if an article asked, "Is Taiwan ready for Large Scale Immigration?"

The response would be, "That's up to Taiwan and it's none of your damned business."

But everyone knows why such articles on Eastern Europe are taken for granted. In fact, they take it so much granted they never ask why:

Because Eastern Europe is WHITE, of course!

The average college graduate would say "DUHH!" if the question of Mommy Professor's statism versus science - were brought up. The science reporter clearly sees it as an ongoing battle.

The day the Soviet Union collapsed all the socialists became environmentalists. Lysenko science now rules, as we can tell from the scandal of the so-called scientists talking about they were cheating on data for Global Warming.

With all the talk about medical costs, how much of "medical" costs is spent on lawyers?

Not one person talks about malpractice. There are three million lawyers in the United States, and each one imposes over a million dollars of costs on this country's economic system.

Does respectable conservatism will ever talk about statism versus science or "If Medicare, why not Judicare?"

What do the respectable conservatives says on these real issues?


That's what they're paid for.

Old Blighty, Let's Learn From the Mental Torture We Have Suffered

When I wrote about no specific policy demands until we are allowed to talk openly about the whole subject of white genocide, Old Blighty asked,

"Are you saying those of us that want genocide tribunals, should not discuss our desire for them? I understand if that is the case. Practical politics requires discipline."

Let me say first that the word "tribunals" gives anti-whites too much ammunition to call us dangerous. When I precluded the word "revolution," I really meant just be sure you aren't giving them ammunition.

In many cases what we are doing cannot be called anything BUT revolution. But words are our ammunition. Just be sure it doesn't blow up in your face.

Almost every mistake I advise you against is one I have made over and over and over, ad nauseam. Frankly, the reason a warning bell goes off inside me when we discuss what will happen to them after because I like it too much.

One thing that most people do not realize is that people like me and BBG have been flayed mentally for half a century. We were not allowed to reply.

There is a term for that. It's called mental torture. I have had to curb my temper all this time. Some conservative who blandly agreed to get rid of my race I had to treat as if I respected him if our cause was to survive.

After a lifetime of mental torture, it is a little hard not to love the idea of the other side getting theirs. For some of us who have suffered mental torture, it may be a necessary relief.

I have thought a LOT about what the punishment should be.

Although it is not to do what the enemy does as a lot of people like to say, in this case we could take the whole page right out of their book.

My idea is that we should make heirs and survivors, those billionaires and those large companies, pay MONEY for what is being done.

Think about it. Big, loud tribunals have a limited life span. But rewards for informants of just one or two percent of the money they bring in will last FOREVER.

I am very serious about this. You can take money from rich people more or less indefinitely.

BIG money.

Big, big, BIG money.

Fines are not considered punishment in the same way the word "tribunal" implies. I love the idea of a future where they live like we do, never knowing when someone is going to get to the heirs of one of their ancestors who put a paid ad in the New York Times and argue that they are therefore responsible for the whole history of that publication.

Informers are going to make arguments like that, and we will sit back and help them have their fun. The entire history of the anti-white movement will be known to everybody without our saying a word.

We can pay off the national debt just as a start, with all the Gateses and their like involved. The whole history of this whole thing will be exposed DAILY.

The point is that they want us to sound like totalitarians, because every time someone imposes a totalitarian regime they point to other tyrannies. But cutting taxes by nailing race traitors is not bloody. It is more a civil action than a criminal one.

But those of us who have suffered years of mental torture are well aware that a straight prison sentence can be a lot kinder than spending your entire life wondering when somebody, somewhere, is going to come down on you.

There is even a certain joy in being a martyr to a cause, but we will not give them that. We will just turn a lot of billionaires into multimillionaires. You can't attach a Nazi label to that, but it is far, far more permanent under its own steam and it will NEVER go away.

This is a lesson I got out of a lifetime of mental torture.

We don't jail people. We don't shoot people. We just make sure the dread lasts their entire lives.

Liberals did that to us, and it is very effective.