Conservatives are constantly bitching about how liberals are getting absolutely absurd in their use of the word "racist."

One liberal's advice they quote was, "Pick a conservative and cal him a racist."

But the respectables never talk about WHY liberals are now so blatant about the racist label.

They use it because it WORKS.

And they will keep using it because it WORKS.

We have a simple truth to get across: "I would for liberals to say I was a non-racist because the only reason they would say that is because I am a groveling wimp."

Liberals use the anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews gambit all the time because it WORKS. Whenever they use it, conservatives soil themselves and go into fetal position.

If you found something that did that to your opponents, you would use it endlessly, you would openly your allies to use it. Liberals kept using the racist label on the Tea Party and the Tea Party put out tapes of their meetings to show no one used the N word.

It didn't help.

Hey, dumbo, this is a WAR, not a high school DEBATE! Unlike groveling respectables, liberals don't give a damn about you proving them wrong. All that counts is whether they WIN or not.

That's why they always win over the respectables. The only time conservatives won was when they got over their fear of appealing to the "the Wallace vote," a phrase the left used to scare conservatives away from the Reagan Democrats for many years.

The Republicans went back to moderation with Bush and became habitual losers again, doing the job the media feels a real conservative SHOULD do.

When Republicans looked like they had some cajones again in 1994, they won BOTH Houses of Congress. But once in office, they danced to the tune of the Democratic attacks again, and lost it again.

Republicans who won the smashing victory of 1994 went Inside the Beltway. They were listening to the Washington Post and the cocktail party crowd, which cowed them with the racist and radical labels on a day to day basis.

Only on their trips back to their districts, talking with people who weren't the Big Shots they now dealt with, did they hear, "Why aren't you CHANGING anything up there?"

They didn't change even the trend to more government up there because the Big Guys inside the Beltway are Big Guys because they know how to manipulate wimps.

And if you wet yourself and praise Martin Luther King ensconced that liberals were always right the pros are going to keep using any label that WORKS.