Looking at an exchange of comments, I agree with your conclusion that we should not use the word "revolution."

As usual this conclusion comes from going back to the basics. What we are after is seems simple, but it is taking on the entire establishment and about every government on earth: we want the disappearance of our race from the face of the earth to be seen as a legitimate topic of discussion.

Pro-whites shutter from their mistakes. Stormfront put them out there for all to see.

So far, as we lost ground, we always mixed up our legitimate complaints with a demand for some policy. From swastikas to being unwelcome joiners of the anti-immigration movement, we have hitched out wagon to the star of the moment.

The result is that anti-whites have been able to get us off the subject of our legitimate concern by arguing about immigration or whether Hitler was better than Stalin. The actual point, our concern about the obvious disappearance of our race, is buried in standard arguments.

Take it from me, detaching our right to be concerned has been an uphill struggle. The mass audience wants the latest news about some immigration outrage or a Revisionist View of History.

But we now have BUGS and we MUST maintain the discipline BUGS is based on. No one else has it.

That discipline is demanding to DISCUSS our problem without being bullied or outlawed. Screaming fascist or Communists is what fascists and Communists do.

Now, we all know that all the respectable people insist that the only way to deal with a concern is to TALK about it. The fact is that the Mantra is so water-tight that all they can do is get off the subject by arguing specific policies or by rioting and screaming at us and outlawing us.

You have seen what the Mantra can do. They know very well that if whites look at the situation rationally, as any other race would be expected to do, the anti-whites are lost.

We are NOT advocating a policy yet. You have to be able to talk and think rationally before a policy is worked out. That is what they are openly denying us the right to do. They are doing it the same way all tyrannies do, by screaming that any discussion is subversive and dangerous and screaming labels at us.

Every time they are unfair it gives us another example. You have to get over your anger, which I have never been able to do quickly, and copy and paste it for future use.

You must READ the Mantra over and over to prepare to argue INSIDE its context. If you stick to the subject, it is all there.