In the novel 1984, the all-powerful State went to the trouble of beating an arrested person down until he loved Big Brother.

THEN they shot him. But not before his mind was made pure. Not until he consented INTERNALLY.

And they said so.

The subject of Orwell's novel asked them why, since they already had him on a death sentence for his speech and writings, they spent so much time and effort, even the time of a top Party member, torturing him and beating him down.

The senior Party member said that the essence of this horrendous tyranny was that they would not settle for outward conformity. They had to get IN the mind and make it consent.

The last words of the novel are, "He loved Big Brother."

The essence of freedom is that one can be made to obey the laws, but not that you have to believe in them. An old hit song used to say, "You can't arrest a guy for what he's thinking."

The 1964 Civil Rights Act brought an end to that. It said Federal aid was to be denied states that did not intend to integrate at the greatest speed they could manage. Anyone from a Southern State who did not guarantee that he was FOR integration risked sanctions, the least of which was he withdrawal of Federal aid, against its schools.

You won't see this discussed anywhere else.

The Boston Southies were the only people I have ever met who had both a memory and a conscience. When I was up there handling their press relations, several of them told me that they had cheered when the Feds had enforced integration in the South.

Now the Southie's children were being bussed. Now they understood what we were talking about.

What uis unique is that THEY remembered it, that THEY brought it up.

They REMEMBERED it. They were ASHAMED of it. I have not run into such people since, and I had not before.

The star of MASH made a movie where he played a crusading liberal senator. A high point of the movie was when he exposed the fact that a Southern official had criticized integration in private conversation. The whole court said "AAAH!"

When Senator McCarthy did that sort of thing it was condemned. Private opinions were sacrosanct. The fact that Robert Oppenheimer had only Communist friends was not to be used against him. You had to prove actual treason, not a mere admiration for Stalinists who were gobbling up the world.

The crime now is doing what I do, refusing to say that I have no concern whatsoever about the end of my own race.

Today the charge is "racism," and racism means that you do not consent INTERALLY to the disappearance of your race. The last time we had that sort of demand for internal consent it was called the Inquisition.

Anti-whites are, literally, Thought Police.