We are so used to living in an ideological world that we cannot get used to the idea that technology is making it out of date.

Throughout human history and before, we lived where we could make a living. So people who wanted to live their own way surrounded you.

Some wanted a Leader, some wanted very few restrictions, and some wanted the schools to teach creationism, some evolution.

But they all had to live side-by-side, where their job was or where the good hunting grounds were.

That is going away.

So in the future we will adapt to that.

It took decades before anybody realized that the Industrial Revolution was making a new society and a new politics.

We are having the same problem.

If you HAVE to live side-by-side where you make your living, then you have to have a single form of government. That is why you have ideologies.

But if you do NOT have to live together in the best hunting grounds or near the steel plants, you don't need ideology to live in a place that operates the way you like it.

You just GO there.

We don't NEED ideology any more.

So let's get rid of it. Let's stop building our lives around it.

Right now the whole world is living in the past. Everybody is trying to UNITE.

The European Union and the United Nations are relics of the past.

It will take a long time for people to catch on to this, just as it took generations for ideology to catch up with the Industrial Revolution.