I'm not sure how to pen this as it's been a long day and my gray cells are tired, but here goes.

During the time before and during the Reformation, including the printing press and the "education" of the new middle class, what did the opposition (the Catholic Church) do to counter the growing anti-Catholic sentiment, and in what order?

If we can form a basic timeline of actions taken, perhaps we can learn from history what will happen to our new reformation and how to speed things along better with the desired results we need.

Also, I'm heartened by the fact that while our "printing press" is causing the "word" to be spread to more and more people, it seems the powers that be are in a mad dash to force the dark races into historically white lands.

It's almost as if they fear us and are hell-bent to force their desired outcome onto us before we get a chance to scotch the wheels of their damnable actions.

Comment by Mark


Mark, that last paragraph explains exactly what is going on. But it also demonstrates how everything they do blows up in their face.

1) The Mantra would not have been such a bomb in their faces if they had stayed with the old gradual integration and propaganda approach. No one believed me when I said it in the 1960s, but everybody can see it now that we are being overrun.

2) Why "WE?" Because everybody else on our side looks at the other side as a giant, Hypergenius Conspiracy that makes no mistakes. I am a professional looking for the mistakes other professionals make.

I see a bunch of idiots who are so blinded by hate that they are filling Europe up with people who hate them more than Hitler did. I see a bunch of imbeciles writing laws that puts doubts about the Holocaust in a way none of our meager powers of persuasion could have done.

In a real war, overestimating your enemy is every bit a fatal as underestimating him.

3) A recent book called "Importing Revolution" goes into the fact that the 60s radicals, who never met any working Americans, were repeating all that crap from Marx - who also never did a day's work in his life - about "working class revolution" in America.

Meanwhile the Communist World magazine was raising hell about how MY tiny group was "part of a heavily financed right-wing conspiracy" because we routinely became spokesmen for grassroots workers' protests that would LYNCH a Commie who showed up.

Our heavily financed little Populist Forum never even had a back account. There were three of us and we paid our own way.

We got out n the streets and we were part of making working people into Reagan Democrats. Respectable conservatives didn't know any working people either, which is why William Rusher, publisher of National Review, came to ME after I proved we not only knew working people, they let us speak for them.

I can talk with a hardhat for hours, but an "intellectual" bores my tail off in five minutes.

4) Their strategy is, as you say, desperate. It rests in two assumptions:

a) That if they get enough of their Faithful Colored Companions in here, they will be VOTED into power;


b) A country into which they get enough of their Faithful Colored Companions will remain a DEMOCRACY. Every Communist country used to brag that over 99.5% of their population voted in every election.

Only North Korea ever declared that one hundred percent, every last one of its people, voted in one election.

Well, hell, if dead people can vote in Chicago, why can't North Koreans who are in a hospital with a coma vote there?

c) Another problem with this strategy is the old joke about the Original Faithful Colored Companion, the Lone Ranger's Indian Tonto. The Lone Ranger says, "Well, Tonto, those Indians have us surrounded. It looks like we're doomed."

And Tonto replies, "What you mean 'We,' Paleface?

When America breaks up into racial divisions, each representing its OWN interests, we'll make them an offer they won't refuse. Those who DO refuse will be left out in the cold, like the white traitors who will have no one to turn to.

This is a war. If the other side NEVER does anything stupid, you might as well start drawing up the best Unconditional Surrender document you can think of.