I did a little editing, including putting Dave himself in the "wolves" category:

Dave says:

Keep this mind: There are two types of humans in this world, domesticated humans ("dogs") and undomesticated humans ("wolves"). BWs writings are not going to appeal to "dogs". "Dogs" are going to be threatened by the raw political reality they expose. "Dogs" respond only to what comforts them. Any politician worth his salt knows this. That is why the general public, being "dogs", are clueless as to how they are manipulated by persons far more cunning than themselves.

The primary strength of BW's work is that his writings appeal to "wolves".

BW needs to write his samizdat. We "wolves" need it.

I have no doubt BWs writings are going to succeed in catalyzing the first truly effective white nationalist revolutionary cadre.

I think perhaps this makes me different alone among the other participants in this seminar. I know for a fact that the success of these writings is a forgone conclusion. Call me arrogant, but believe me, I am very good at these kinds of prognostications. It was a talent I was born with.