Pain wrote:

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Banyan responded:

So here it is. The races are locked in opposition to each other, and if I do not believe it is so, then I am against the white race - I'm a race traitor! We are therefore all hyphenated humans - not one species but umpteen different races.

Here is why this is obscene and dehumanizing. We can't be human because being white or black or Asian or whatever takes precedence and alienates us from all other races.

Instead of being able to appreciate or at least understand each other, we must put all our effort into creating and emphasizing difference.

The only possible states we can live in therefore are constant conflict ending in "them" killing all of "us" or vice versa, or some sort of ghettoized isolation.

That's all crap. We can decide to make a big deal out of race and culture, and we can voluntarily make the value judgments that 'they' are inferior. Or we can all decide to be human and get over our own bullshit.

Pain responded:

Spoken like a true robot! Your religion demands that you hate your fellow man and so you do. Your religion cannot allow men to unite in families and by nature for then the people would have the power to throw off your religion's shackles.

So instead you are left alone for you will stand with no one and no one will stand with you.

Accordingly, you have been dehumanized by a religion that hates you.

Look within yourself and find your true nature. Look within yourself and find your humanity.

Look within yourself and be a man.

Your statement that our truth is "obscene and dehumanizing" is vapid name-calling. It is the desperate cry of a religious robot trying to maintain his religion's orthodoxy of hate.

By name-calling, you are calling every true man ("human" is an abstraction good only for robots) a "heretic."

Each society has had a word for heretics.

Communists called heretics "Fascists".

Fascist Italy called heretics "Communists".

Political Correctness calls heretics "Haters and Racists".

Anti-racism means white genocide. Political Correctness demands it not be said.

In that way you avoid having to confront our truth.

You know nothing of us. But your response tells us ALL about YOU.


After all the above work-related genius, Pain asked ME if he should use the proposed Norwegian Mantra.

Dammit, Pain, do what you are doing!

The LAST thing Mark wanted to do was to keep you from drawing attention to what WORKS. Give the man CREDIT! He had some points Bob should have paid attention to so he bit me on the ass.

As to your getting too much credit, nobody would be more ecstatic than Mark if you took over the world.

Except maybe me.

Just keep on the attack. We are working on some stuff we found out about Europeans.

Bob is not ABOUT to tell you how to use it. You are fighting the fight and doing a great job of it, and don't tell Mark or me you don't know it. Even I am not that dumb and Mark sure as hell isn't.

Sic the bastards, and we are beyond the point where I need my ego massaged by your asking me HOW. Do what you are doing.

The seminar can offer you very useful, practical stuff only WE know how to use. But the torch has been PASSED. You are IT now.