"Even the people that are reading this [comments on interrogation] have no idea what they are reading. That shines through. Hopefully, someday they'll find out. Personally. That's the only way to know."

Comment by Joe Rorke

The subject of interrogation is well worth discussing because of legal traditions that can be used to foster freedom and defeat the emergence of a culture of totalitarianism.

For example, when people demand the justice system produce "justice" they are unintentionally fostering an attitude that leads to totalitarianism.

In contrast, we white people demand an "adversarial" system because we admit that justice is beyond the grasp of any court.

That is why that even though I may not be tough enough to refrain from blabbering confessions to my interrogators, I'm sure as hell not going to furnish any confessions in advance of having my balls crushed.

Crushed balls are good evidence.

Also, I share something in common with my tormentors: We both trust that there is some possibility that results might be furnished through the use of a 50-caliber persuader.

And when the prosecutor says: "Just take that lie detector test in order to prove you're not afraid to take it", he will receive my white reply that he is attempting to manufacture evidence.

In contrast, our colored brothers are fond of such notions as, "All men are created equal."

That's because they possess no "shining city on the hill" to prove it.

They also believe that the courts "are supposed" to furnish justice.

Comment by Dave