On the SF Supporting Member's Thread, someone asked whether SF was growing or not.

I have explained the A-C Rule. It is time I explained the Force in Being Rule. Practical Men talk endlessly, but they never listen to themselves.

They keep saying that in the Real World, public enthusiasm waxes and wanes. They keep telling us that what is popular today will be nothing tomorrow. When someone says, "We are growing," the Practical Men say, "You are not REALLY growing." Right now.

The purpose of the Practical Man is to prove he is a Practical Man, the very embodiment of Wisdom and Realism.

So when Stormfront says, "We are growing," the Practical Man wants to prove that he represents Realism. He tries to prove that, while the Pollyannas want to say they are growing, he, the Master of Reality, knows the facts.

No one remembers that his Practical Fact Number One was that none of that matters. Public enthusiasm waxes and wanes.

In 1927, the National Socialist Party of Germany was at the bottom of the barrel. They hit a peak at the 1923 Pusch and went down from there. In 1927, no matter what argument they made for themselves, the Practical Man would have said their cause was hopeless.

By 1933, they were in power. Which confirmed the basic wisdom of the Practical Man's statement that political enthusiasm waxes and wanes. But the Practical Man always wants to appear macho and wise RIGHT NOW.

Godfather II has it exactly right.

On December 31, 1958, Fulgencio Batista was the Strong Man in absolute control of Cuba. Fidel Castro was a Force in Being. You could go and meet him in the hills. He was a minor celebrity. Only a true nutcase would have met with him. No Practical Man would. Sometime in the afternoon of December 31, 1958, Batista's forces began to desert to Castro.

Batista, an expert on power, immediately recognized that his position was, to use the word we inherited from the Norman Conquest and which is good Spanish, untenable. That was one hell of shock to all the Practical Men of the Mafia, of AT&T, of all of them. But for Batista it was not a matter of theory. It was life and death.

Once the power of Castro's Force in Being waxed, Batista had to get out to stay alive.

On December 31, 1958, the Practical Men would have laughed at the idea that the Batista Regime that had an iron grip on Cuba would be gone overnight.

In 1981 not a single professional Sovietologist could have imagine that the Soviet Union would be gone in ten years.

And these are the same people who always tell us that popular opinion waxes and wanes.

So the same Practical Man who wonders whether SF is waxing or waning at this moment pays no attention to the fact that SF is a Force in Being.

A Force is Being is ready to take power.