Immediately after the student shootings at Santee, California, a defense lawyer was asked about it. He blamed the right to own guns for the shootings. I addressed this argument on May 8, 1999 in ARMED SWITZERLAND AND THE COLORADO SHOOTINGS.

But another question arises: Why interview a defense attorney? The death toll of shootings like this one is nothing compared to the number of people slaughtered by the criminals that defense attorneys put back on the streets.

Professional criminals commit the overwhelming majority of violent crimes in this country, and they are only on the street because of defense attorneys. That shooting in California took two lives. Every day, those let loose by defense attorneys and sympathetic judges kill more than that.

America has more lawyers than the rest of the world combined.

In other words, everything that can be said about guns can also be said about defense attorneys: we have more lawyers than any other country, and we have more guns per capita than any developed country except Switzerland.

But those who call themselves "civil libertarians" want more defense attorneys, and they want guns outlawed.

Now, why do the ACLU and other liberal groups demand more of these defense attorneys who cause so much havoc? They say that any person accused of crime has a right to be defended.

Liberals tell us that every person ACCUSED OF CRIME has a right to defend himself. That principle cannot be compromised no matter how many people get killed.

But unless you are accused of crime, this right does not exist. If you go into a dangerous area, you have to go unarmed, because you have no right of self-defense.