Senator Lott made the one mistake no respectable Southerner is ever forgiven for

He told the truth.

At Thurmond's hundredth birthday party Lott said he was proud Mississippi had voted for Strom for president in 1948. He said if Strom had won then, "We wouldn't have the problems we have now."

WHAT PROBLEMS!?, screamed the respectable conservatives on Fox.

Horrors! In 1948, blacks were in separate schools and intermarriage was forbidden. The official line today is that segregation was the horror of 1948.

Just for a moment, let's go back to 1948. Remember, we are talking about a time when some people left their apartments unlocked in New York City and the idea of locking your car when you parked in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, was a joke.

While we are being horrified today by people in 1948 having segregation, let us look at American today through their eyes.

Most people in 1948 took it for granted that blacks went to separate schools. Today we take it for granted that schools are so violent that children have to go through metal detectors. Nobody in 1948 would have believed such a horror was possible.

In 1948, everybody was horrified by the rates of bastardy and drug addiction among blacks. That was one of the main arguments back then FOR integration. With integration, said liberals, white morals would stay the same and blacks would improve.

Nothing liberals advocate ever WORKS.

Now white bastardy is HIGHER than black bastardy was in 1948, and so is white drug use. Black bastardy and drug use have continued to climb. Please see September 2, 2000 - WE ALL LIVE IN SOWETO NOW.

Segregationists said in 1948 that after integration white rates of bastardy and drug use would go up. Liberals laughed at that idea, the same way they laughed at the idea that integration was aimed at intermarriage. I heard them laugh when I predicted all these results of integration in the 1950s.

And Fox wants to know what "problems" Lott could possibly be talking about.