I was talking to some people I have business with, and the lady I was talking to had four children. I said, "I didn't know white people were allowed to have that many children."

She had read BUGS and gave me a lecture on the UN study that said that blondes were dying out and she would prove them wrong. It was a three way conversation and the other party agreed.

I wish I could tell you what the business was but I can't. The point is that everybody agreed with Mantra thinking. In fact, she lectured ME on it.

It could be too easy for us to imagine. That is because we think in terms of Total Revolution, torchlight parades and the like.

But please realize something. We pro-whites in BUGS are the only people who do not need any apocalyptic language.

We just want our race to survive.

We couldn't care less if our race survives in a bang or a whisper.

Every day biological technology advances. Already it is reported that the DNA of the lowest form of life has been replicated.

It may be that all that is required for our race to survive is that there be people who declare openly that they WANT our race to survive.

Who else but Mantra thinkers advocate that our race survive, not as part of a World View, but simply because it should?

All the other pro-whites, bless their souls, demand a Revolution or have a complete theory of Conspiracies or Human Existence.

Oddly enough, when the choice is to be made, the only people who can simply make the case quietly for white children are right here.

The biological revolution is not just coming, it is here.

Ask yourself, who is there who can simply make the case that our race should survive, that white people should simply choose their own?

It sounds obvious. But in the real world all the forces are against anything but a Multiculture race. Anybody who says otherwise is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Think about it. There is simply no one else who does not need a World Conspiracy or a World Theory to say white children should be born.

God bless those who are willing to fight for white survival. But what if it is not a matter of a fight but simply an unapologetic demand?

Whether it is a bag or a whisper, the point is white survival.