The one country outside of OPEC that has huge reserves of oil is Russia. And Russia is not playing ball. It wants all those markets that OPEC countries are cutting off.

The Putin regime represents a whole new day in Russia. Russian oil is now considered a stable resource. Gangsters no longer control everything in Russia, and they are beginning to move.

Russians have a different attitude from that of the OPEC countries. It is a racist attitude.

Liberals and respectable conservatives like to say that there is a racist attitude behind most thinking in our white-non-white world, but they forbid anybody to go into this logic in detail. Only an evil person would talk openly about the attitudes people have on race and where those attitudes lead.

Only a person who does not care how what he says may sound would go into this, a really uncaring, indecent individual.

So I'll do it.

In their true attitudes, non-whites are every bit as white supremacist as whites are. If you tell an NAACP official that blacks will eventually rise to a level equal with whites on their own, he will talk about centuries of oppression, but he is thinking exactly what any other white supremacist is thinking: "No way blacks can do that, ever!"

The OPEC countries do not want to sell their oil and use the capital to build a modern economy because they do not believe their brown people will ever be able to do it. OPEC is dedicated to the idea that that oil is the only resource the OPEC countries will ever have, so it must be maximized while it lasts, not used for a fast capital buildup.

Putin sees Russian oil as something that will even up the odds that generations of rule by Leftist Intellectuals stacked against Eastern Europe. For what he sees for his superior white people he sees a great future if they can get the capital and the beginning of a boom like that in post-World War II Germany.

Because of the racist attitudes that underlie all present-day thinking, OPEC countries consider oil the only resources their people will ever have, while Russia considers its oil as a means to get Russia started after the Leftist Intellectuals destroyed the Russian economic miracle that was under way in 1913.

The resulting drop in oil prices may be so enormous and consistent that even paid commentators will notice it in a decade or so.