ROUTINE RACISM | 2005-06-11

One of the main jobs of a political advisor is to analyze attitudes everybody has, but nobody realizes they have. I will be discussing one of these attitudes on this week's internet radio broadcast. You can listen to the main program at any time

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I call it routine racism.

When a liberal and I discuss race, we are both being very racist.

We both consider black people to be pathetic. The only disagreement we have is how to deal with the pathetic black folks.

So when blacks say whites are all racists, they are perfectly correct. But what they NEVER want to talk about is what that MEANS.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.

There are many black men like O.J. Simpson who make it very, very clear that they would never date a black woman. I remember watching a roast of Sammy Davis, Jr. on television. A black singer was thanking him for his help early in her career, and said

"I couldn't figure out why he was helping me. I wasn't anybody special. I wasn't white."

Sammy Davis gritted his teeth and laughed. She was talking about his younger days when he married Mai Brit, a very blond Swedish actress. Brit had worn a revealing wedding dress that made her look like a whore. Davis would never date anybody with discernable Negroid blood in them.

In other words, O.J. Simpson would never date a woman who looked like his daughter with a white woman, and Sammy Davis would never date someone with the obvious Negroid blood in her that Davis's son with Mai Brit has.

Every liberal understands why a black man would want a blond. Every liberal will fight for the black man's right to have a blond.

Everybody understands a black man who is obsessed with blond beauty. That is the opposite of racism to a liberal. What the black man wants to do with that blond beauty is destroy it. He wants to produce children he would reject as a mate.

I love blond beauty. But I am a racist because I want to preserve it.

If you watch anything produced in Canada, you will see that they only have blond girls walking with very black guys or making whoopee with very dark and greasy-looking Middle Easterners. They have to pay their dues to Political Correctness.

Look at Swedish ads. The blond girls are always with very, very dark Middle Easterners or blacks.

This is required anti-racism. Liberals agree that blonds are more beautiful, and dark guys have a right to them.