If you watched the movie Reds you saw old Communists talking about how they were Americans and THEY had the right to free speech and how they spoke out for Comrade Stalin.

Stalin's name was never mentioned, of course.

By the way, can you imagine a movie having old Nazis bragging about their glory days? Do you think the word "Hitler" would have been forgotten?

So Hollywood considers old Stalinists perfectly respectable. No Hate Laws can apply to Idealists like that.

If you ask a Hollywood leftist like Robert Redford or an old Stalinist whether or not he loves America, he will reply "Yes!" and he will believe it.

He will go on to say, "I am loyal to the America that..." and then he will go on to tell you that "what America is all about" is diversity and equality, "including economic equality."

To Robert Redford, America has deserted him by voting for Bush. He is loyal to the "the real America."

Robert Redford is a Wordist. For him, "America" has nothing to do with the land or the people who are within the meaningless borders of a meaningless piece of ground. America is a set of words, and everybody has a different set of words. When they say they are "loyal to America," they mean they are loyal to a set of words.

Robert Redford is loyal to a leftist set of words. The Wall Street Journal is loyal to a free market set of words. The Wall Street Journal officially demands an amendment to the United States Constitution that says, "There shall be no borders." The "real America" they are loyal to exists in Mexico City and New Delhi. It has nothing to do with "We the People of the United States ... for ourselves and OUR Posterity."