It is always important to remind ourselves where respectable conservatives come from.

For over half a century liberals have been in absolute control of every form of national media.

In 1950, there were four television networks. There were CBS, NBC and ABC, which were solidly liberal, and there was PBS which was extreme left and was paid for by our tax dollars. Back then, a balanced debate consisted of two liberal Republicans and three liberal Democrats. There simply were no conservative spokesmen in the national media.

Over the ensuing decades a handful of carefully selected conservatives were allowed some air time. Naturally, they were those that liberals felt comfortable and safe with, like William F. Buckley.

This was the exact opposite of a plot. It was the most natural development in the world. Liberals would try out conservatives for spokesmen jobs - I was on PBS a couple of times - and the ones who made liberals feel uncomfortable were not asked back.

When a group gets to select the opposition it feels comfortable with, it is not going to pick the best and the brightest. In this process, morons and cowards will come out ahead.

Above all, liberals did not ask conservatives back who hit them on issues that really hurt. Once again, it was the exact opposite. They liked the rightist spokesmen who would help them avoid really hurtful discussions. So what happened was very natural

We ended up with conservative spokesmen who, if someone talked about something that could really hurt liberals, would lead a lynch mob against them. When a liberal says "extremist" or "naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews" it is respectable conservatives who scream for the blood of the heretic.

When liberals condemn, respectable conservatives either scream for blood or grovel. If their boss liberal calls some other right winger a name, respectable conservatives scream for his blood. But if a liberal finds that his pet conservative has himself said something heretical, the conservative goes to his knees and begs forgiveness.

So if anyone says something about whites being wiped off the map, the respectable conservative screams for his blood. If the respectable conservative himself says something nice about whites and his liberal notices it, he grovels and apologizes.

At the top of the heap among respectable conservatives are the Grovelers Extraordinaire, the ones who hit their knees instantly and hard at any hint of heresy. Their physical knees get bloody, their pants knees get ragged.

Once a year, I give the Ragged Knee Award to the champion respectable conservative grovelers.

Remember that we are dealing here with people who have made a career of being such cowardly morons they were actually selected for it by the liberals. So the competition for the best of all these professional grovelers is fierce.