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As I point out in my latest book, which you can find at READBOB.COM social scientists admit their fields are primitive compared to the hard sciences. But historians who are part of those social science departments never notice the most consistent facts in intellectual history

Primitive sciences are always silly.

APPLIED primitive sciences are always not only silly, but their ideas cause disaster.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

But when the person with that little knowledge thinks he is an expert and everybody else thinks he's an expert, that is a formula for disaster.

Medical history before the middle of the nineteenth century is one long horror.

As I explain on the program and in much, much more detail in my book, the bigger the title a medical expert had, the more horrible his advice was.

In December of 1799, when George Washington came down with pneumonia his doctors literally bled him to death.

As with the New York stock market analysis, nobody pays any attention to what works.

But people assume that someone sitting in a mahogany office in a New York skyscraper, in a huge corner office with a view, must know what he is doing.

For well over a thousand years, nobody questioned that Medical Authorities, with doctorates and a thorough knowledge of both Latin and Greek, knew what they were doing.

Social science is primitive. The diversity they preach IS insane. The rehabilitation they preach IS insane.

And the entire intellectual history of the last two thousand years tells us not only why it is insane, but that this insanity was inevitable.

People assume that somebody who sits in a university with the title "Professor" must know what he is doing, just as they assume that somebody sitting in a huge corner office with a view of Wall Street must know what he is doing. They took it for granted for over a thousand years that somebody with a big name who was a University Doctor and Professor of Medicine knew what he was doing.

Millions of people died operating under the latter assumption, including the Father of Our Country and millions of newborn children and their mothers.