It is established law in this country that, if a man tortures and kills children, he is set free if any of the evidence that convicts him is collected in violation of any rules set up by a judge. So if he is searched incorrectly, or Miranda rights are not read, the policeman who did it wrong suffers no penalty, and the criminal is set free.

All evidence collected as a result of a violation of judicial rules is called "poisoned fruit." So, if an informant's name is found before Miranda rights are read, and that informant leads the police to the children's bodies and other evidence, that evidence is not admissible.

Liberals go all the way for their clients.

A few thousand kids may get molested and a few hundred killed, but that's the price you have to pay if liberal lawyers are to have their form of justice. All liberals agree that it's a bit tough on the kids, but justice is not perfect.

Unless, of course, that injustice comes from a nonliberal source. Liberals oppose the death penalty, so the possibility of one innocent person being executed worries them to death.

So liberals talk endlessly about the possibility that the death penalty may be imposed on an innocent person. They never spend one second worrying about the innocent children their policies kill.

So, when debating the death penalty, no respectable conservative ever brings up the innocent children liberals kill with their policies. By the same token, no Southern Crawler ever brings it up. You become a good respectable conservative and a respectable Southerner - a Southern Crawler - by following liberal rules.

If you are to be a good Southern Crawler, you never question the "poisoned fruit" of integration laws. The Fourteenth Amendment was adopted unconstitutionally, and the Federal court decisions outlawing antimiscegenation laws in the 1960's absolutely reject all traces of constitutional intent. The states which adopted the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment had and enforced antimsicegenation laws. Not even the carpetbagger administrations in the South objected to them.

But the courts decided all that didn't matter. The courts didn't want miscegenation laws, so out they went. Naturally, no respectable conservative and not one Southern Creep objected to this.

Years later, in the 1970's, the Federal courts decided they didn't want states to have restrictions on abortion, either. So they declared the constitution did not allow states to have restrictions on abortion. Every Catholic bishop had cheered the court decision doing away with antimiscegenation laws. But when the court did exactly the same thing to antiabortion laws, the bishops started shouting about "original intent." Since bishops had objected, respectable conservatives felt they could object. Since Northern conservatives had objected, Southern Crawlers decided they could object to the abortion decision, too.

But all this fake courage came far too late.

Because respectable conservatives and Southern Creeps only objected when fashionable opinion allowed them to, unborn children got murdered, and other children get murdered and molested every day.

People who only object when fashionable opinion allows them to are going to betray you every single time when it counts. If you select Southern Creeps and respectable conservatives as your leaders, you get precisely what you deserve.