PLEASE LISTEN! | 2005-07-09

Please listen to my new installment of The Untrained Eye. I have been in the belly of the beast. I have seen how these Shrewd People are chosen for top positions. I have seen how they crowd out every person with rational common sense and a conscience and keep them from getting a hearing or exercising power.

When I discuss this situation, as when I discuss Political Correctness and the unending damage professors in their little publicly financed inbred world called academia do, nothing I say is mysterious or even complicated.

It's not a conspiracy. The people who get ahead in this process are not bright enough to conspire.

You think you are dealing with Giant Manipulations by Geniuses when your real problem is a bunch of clowns.

You are shooting at the wrong target while the enemy is coming up behind you.

You are guarding the outhouse while the enemy is walking through your front door.