PETTY TYRANTS | 2004-11-20

When I got word of my book being seized by Canadian customs agents, I was overjoyed. Banned in Canada! Wow! This really shows how desperate the left is to keep my message from the people! What could be a better confirmation of the message in the book.

But my book staff is honest to a fault. If you have noticed the very slick graphic on the home page, it shows the book cover stamped "CONFISCATED." Not "banned," not "seized," but "confiscated" by a pea-brained border guard.

You see, they didn't want to exaggerate what happened. They just put out the facts. Canada has not officially "banned" the book. While that would have made a big splash and garnered attention for the book, it didn't happen that way.

It then occurred to me that the real story makes an even better point about Why Johnny Can't Think. The real danger to us and our future is not Canada or America or anyone else banning a book. The real danger is that our people are being turned into a bunch of petty tyrants.

You see, a people can survive a top-down tyranny. They can endure untold hardship if they work together and care about each other. They can unite against a top-down tyranny. The South overthrew the tyranny of Reconstruction. But when they start to turn on one another, and the most small-minded among them become petty tyrants, then there is big trouble.