A color-coded map of the United States, showing how each county voted in the presidential election, told a story everybody seemed to recognize. On that map, America's clear division was shown with ruthless clarity: middle Americans voted solidly Republican. The East and West Coast and the self-styled "elites" and professional minority groups voted even more unanimously for liberalism.

This was not really news to anybody. Everybody knows that all the resident aliens who hate Middle America and white people use liberalism as their vehicle. Liberalism today is simply a hatred of Middle America, and a way to destroy it.

But the fact that liberalism is simply a hatred of white people and middle Americans is what I call a Public Secret. A Public Secret is something everybody knows, but which the media and respectable conservatives prevent from ever being mentioned.

Anybody who mentioned what those color-coded maps made painfully obvious would have been a racist, anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. It is fully expected for all blacks to "vote black," which means to vote liberal so that liberals will force white people to do what black people want them to do.

But for whites to vote the other way is racist.

That map was an excruciating embarrassment to liberals. They claim to represent "populism" and real America.

But the map showed that Middle America is precisely the enemy that liberals hate. Any conservative who dares mention this fact will lose his respectability. And being respectable in the eyes of liberals is more important to conservatives than any principle, any people, or any country.

So the map said something no one was allowed to say, and it really upset liberals. It showed that liberals and their clients are on one side and real America is on the other.

That map stunned the regular liberals into silence.

What they plan to do about it is to use respectable conservatives to keep this embarrassing fact from being mentioned. The public memory is short, and they can count on the respectables to help them put this down the Memory Hole.

Most liberals were stunned into silence by that map.

But one thing you can say for Clinton's crowd: nothing shuts them up. One of Clinton's closest buddies and spokesmen, Paul Bagala, spoke up about the fact that Middle America had turned on the liberals. He said that those so-called Middle American counties included the place where a homosexual was killed in a hate crime. Those counties included the site of the Oklahoma Bombing. Middle America, he added, included the county in Texas where a black man was dragged to death on a chain behind a truck.

In other words, the only reason Middle America votes conservative is because it represents Hate. Middle America is a bunch of naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

Bagala is from the South. There is no loudmouth traitor like a SOUTHERN loudmouth traitor.