I had a conversation with one of my kin that made an impression on me. I had made the point to him many, many times that for all the talk about how civilizations rise and fall; the fact is that no civilization falls unless it becomes brown-skinned.

A lot of people will say that they are pro-white but some of their families disagree. That is not true in MY family. All of them get the Mantra.


But when I brought this up he said, "I have been thinking about WHY whites become brown." He knows a lot about India, and he pointed out that White India, from whom China got its rice and we got our numbers, began to become white when they had the non-whites the Aryans they had conquered under absolute control.

They stopped fighting as allies against the coloreds they had conquered and began to consider their only real enemies to be each other.

I have played around that realization a lot but no one had put in out as a naked truth the way he did.

It made me think of the way we have destroyed ourselves.

All of us ask ourselves how in God's name Europeans massacred each other by the millions in the trenches of World War I when they together controlled the world. The simple fact is that by 1914 whites had such complete rule of the colored world that they felt that their only competitors were other Europeans.

Today, when coloreds are conquering Europe, this looks as insane as it was. But back then, if you told a Brit that he had any real enemy but "the Hun," that his colonials would rule his descendants, he would have had you committed.

White India had been white since the Aryans takeover a thousand years before. But Buddha and the like condemned the caste system. Asoka spread Buddhism all the way to Iraq and beyond.

The top two castes switched place. Tshatriya, the warrior class, ceased to be the top group. The Brahma, the priestly class, took their place. My guess, from THINKING about what my young kin said, was that White India forgot the conquest and began to war with each other.

Buddha condemned the cast, which in Sanskrit is the "color," system.

Flash forward to today.

Our ancestors fought the Indians and the English and the French in a common cause: They wanted America for 1) whites and 2) AMERICAN whites. New England brought in black slaves and sold them to Southerners.

Then we became absolutely dominant and we began to fight each other.

Now we insist that whatever the issue is, it is NOT racial.

There are Big Spenders and the headline opposition is the Tea Party. They compete with each other in insisting that the third world and immigration and assimilation is NOT the problem.

They all take it for granted that the problem is what OTHER white people think.

They, like White India, take white supremacy as a given. It is impossible for them to realize that what they take for granted is in fact white supremacy.

They think what the Founding Fathers fought for was a philosophy.

THINK is a misnomer.

The Tea Party is the last headline rebellion that insists that none of our real problems are racial.

The Tea Party is the last gasp of the assumption of white supremacy.