When even Rush Limbaugh begins to catch onto something, it is past time for intelligent people to get it.

What I said about the 2008 election was that no presidential in the last century has meant less.

All the MONEY is spent. It is generally recognized that new taxes will collect less, while tax cuts caused increased revenue. Despite all the ideological chest beating, nobody on the Hill (except the lone socialist, aka "Independent" from Vermont) is serious about any REAL tax increases, as opposed to marginal fiddling.

All the POWERS are taken. The courts will stop anything the president wants to do about immigration if it gets serious, though Congress will stop it before it gets to that stage.

Bush took the last possible step by putting America back into a permanent state of emergency. America went into an official state of emergency in 1939 and stayed in one until the end of the Cold War. There was no Cold War about 1990, and that short period ended on 9/11/01.

Before Bush each state of emergency, WWII and the Cold War, were at least CALLED temporary. But Bush stated flatly that this one, like affirmative action, would NEVER end.

A Democrat could find money for a new program or two by cutting the military. That would be fine, because we no longer have any use for a military. America's armed forces are used entirely for bad purposes today. The Democrats might do some good there.

BUT, the military is now being used entirely for purposes the Jewish Lobby wants. How long would the Democrats last without the 50% of their contributions that come from Jewish sources?

George Will, back before he became ENTIRELY plastic, described pro-military "Scoop Jackson" Democrats' policy as, "Making sure the American military is big enough to defend Israel. Period." Now it has no other purpose.

Well, there are those like Madeleine Albright who insist that American armed forces be used to enforce her version of "rights." My point is that since Communism fell, America's armed forces have been a positive evil.

America is the only country today that acts beyond its own borders.

Not quite what the Founders had in mind.

So back to the 2008 election. The reason I am writing this is that I just found out that even Rush Limbaugh, who makes his living in this crap, has refused to endorse anybody. He said he never thought this would happen.

To repeat:

When even Rush Limbaugh begins to catch onto something, it is past time for intelligent people to get it.

What I said was, it makes no difference. I'll let the pros catch up.