This week's arrest of British National Party leader Nick Griffin by local police for saying in a private meeting that Islam is a "wicked, vicious faith" that "has expanded through a handful of cranky lunatics" and "is now sweeping country after country" is just the latest in a string of such incidents in Europe. John Tyndale, the former party head, was arrested last week, and the Belgian Vlam's Bloc was recently disbanded by court order. Griffin was released later in the day, but the message was loud and clear. No dissent on immigration and multi-culturalism will be tolerated by Western governments.

Of course, you won't hear about any of this from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or Bill O'Reilly.

You might be saying, "What do you expect from Europe?" But we aren't much different. David Duke recently served over a year in prison for supposedly misusing campaign money, but everyone knows that wasn't the reason. Can anyone imagine holding Jesse Jackson up to the same standards? Ernst Zundel is in solitary confinement in Canada for almost two years with absolutely no criminal charge against him.

Western governments are being painted into the corner by their anti-white programs. They are failing so badly that they have to resort to picking on anyone who stands up to them. But they don't want to appear to be dictatorships. They need to present "both sides."

Now do you understand what makes respectable conservatives "respectable?"