OUT OF AFRICA | 2005-02-26

I've spent a lot of time in Africa, and working in American prisons. Both are a lot alike in several ways. These ways are not ways that I would wish on any human being - especially my own people.

There is a "love that dare not speak its name" that goes on in Africa and in prisons. Of course, it has nothing to do with love, and seems to be talked about all the time now. It has become all but "respectable" behavior in America.

I've written many times about how this is the logical outcome of accepting the Supreme Court's ruling throwing out ALL the states' anti-miscegenation laws. It is the logical outcome of the "Civil Rights" movement, which had as its basic premise, "Regardless of how we behave, you HAVE to receive us and treat us as EQUALS!"

There is nothing "respectable" about being on the receiving end of this behavior. It is well known that it is used to show dominance and to degrade the victim. That is why Africans do it to conquered tribesmen. That is why prison inmates do it to one another (mostly black on white, which is another reason it is never brought up anywhere).

The Apostle Paul referred to sodomites as dogs, and to their behavior as the "burning out of mankind." It was practiced as part of some of the pagan religions in his time. Now it is a sacred part of our state religion, Political Correctness.

Most preachers and ALL Respectable Conservatives refuse to make the connection between Civil Rights, racial integration, and "Gay Rights." They would rather attack people like Ole Bob for being a "racist" because I care about my people.

Why do they have such utter contempt for their flocks of sheep? Why such chutzpah?

Probably because they don't expect the average white American to figure it out for himself.

And to be honest with you, neither do I.