I freely allow those who are labeled extremists to reprint my material. I am not worried if Ronald Reagan got the endorsement of some Klan groups and liberal candidates get the endorsement of some Communist groups. As long as THEY reprint what ****I**** say, I welcome the help.

In George Orwell's book "1984," it turns out that the whole hideous totalitarianism that crushed the hero is based on ending one simple, useless-sounding freedom: "Freedom," it says, "is the right to say that 1 plus 1 equals 2."

It is obvious to me that for a black buck to have a blond girl and produce more ugly brown children is wrong. But liberals and respectable conservatives agree that to say this makes me a NAZI! It also made Harry Truman and Douglas MacArthur NAZIS, according to today's respectable conservatives.

It is time to take on the "NAZI!" tactic without compromise.

What makes respectable conservatives harmless is that liberals pick the people THEY want to call" respectable." The liberal media allow the harmless ones, harmless because they are dumb and cowardly, to get media exposure. Liberals are not going to allow those anti-liberals on their media who make liberals feel threatened.

That's how the real world works.

For many decades I have been yelled at by respectable conservatives and liberals, screaming, "If you are a heretic on race, you are a NAZI!!!"

For anyone with ANY male hormones, there is a hurting wish to scream, "OK, damn you, I'm a Nazi!!!" Many of us have yielded to that natural tendency. But the simple fact remains that I am NOT a Nazi. Truman was not a Nazi. MacArthur was not a Nazi.

When you let them make you react that way, you are yielding to their Orwellian tactic.

If there were a real dictatorship in America, I would bet anything that most of the "extremists" would be in the life-and-death resistance to it. I know for sure that the best COLLABORATORS would be RESPECTABLE CONSERVATIVES.

Collaboration is how you get the "respectable" label in the frist place.

What Orwell concluded, "Freedom is the right to say 1 plus 1 is 2," is very American. European "democracies" send people to PRISON for heresy on the race issue. They call that Freedom, a capitalized virtue. But Americans are interested in freedom, which is simply the right to say what you damn well please, and a willingness to fight for that right, a battle which no respectable conservative will wage.

As long as "respectable" means "coward," a lot of good people will go with the leftist's Orwellian "Nazi" tactic. I want the good people who have fallen for the enemy tactic to come back. I want them to join those of us who fight for freedom and who care about our race.

If everybody on the right refuses to care about the very survival of our race, we are going to lose everybody with courage to the swastika or the Klan. People are going to find leaders, even if they have to be called Nazis to do it.

There are a lot of really evil people in extremist groups. But what counts is those who have been driven to those groups by the Orwellian left AND by despair with respectable conservatism. It is not necessary to drive good people to that extreme.