The news is not that liberals are hypocrites about race. The critical point here has nothing to do with liberals.

My point is that respectable conservatives rule the right, and it is THEIR hypocrisy that must be overcome if we are to get the minority votes we CAN get.

Please read the above paragraph carefully. There is a big difference between "appealing to minorities" and the opposite idea of going for the minority votes we CAN get. Conservatives will never get the votes of American citizens whose real loyalty is to Mexicans.

But conservatives find it easy to believe that all nonwhite minorities always think like resident aliens. Most nonwhite minorities do vote like resident aliens, just as most blacks do vote slavishly for liberals. But theirs are not the votes WE CAN GET.

The California vote shows that most Hispanic-Americans DO think of themselves

as resident aliens. Conservative Political Experts find that easy to believe. Like liberals, they assume that's just the way all colored people are and always will be.

As a result, we are knocking ourselves out to keep from offending people who are lost to us anyway.

As always, the respectable conservatives and the moderates are demanding an electoral strategy that is both immoral and stupid.