Charles Lindbergh was America's premier hero after he became the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. But he became America's premier villain because of his friendliness to Hitler before World War II.

As a matter of fact, Lindbergh was far less friendly to Hitler than every liberal was to Stalin, but modern conservatives agreed to make him a special villain.

In the late 1930's, Lindbergh wrote the article for which he was infamous for the rest of his life. He wanted all the Western powers to unite and destroy Joseph Stalin's Communist regime in Russia. He even wanted Hitler's Luftwaffe to be part of the coalition to destroy Stalin!

Joseph Stalin, the leader of the Peace-Loving Democratic Republics! Stalin, our Great Ally and the Hero whose ideology later took Eastern Europe from Hitler and China from Chang-Kai Chek and Vietnam from France! Joseph Stalin, Champion of Democracy!

From the time he wrote that article, Lindbergh became the man the left was out to get.

After World War II, every respectable conservative agreed with liberals that that article was the height of outright treason. The idea of allying with Hitler to destroy Stalin was Pure Evil.

This is because the only true American patriotism was uniting with Stalin to get rid of Hitler. Liberals wanted to get rid of the extreme right and praise the extreme left.

And if that's what liberals insisted on, that's what today's conservatives want.