Poor John McCain had to disappoint his liberal admirers during the South Carolina primary when he had to back down on his words condemning the Confederate flag as "a symbol of slavery and oppression." Fortunately, he was able to repeat that condemnation AFTER the primary, making him and the media happy. Because he admitted that had used an outright lie on purpose, the media was able to declare him a man of perfect honesty.

In the August 14, 1999, Whitaker Online, "Orrin Loves Teddy," I pointed out the fact that Orrin Hatch, as Senate Judiciary Chairman, worships his Democratic vice chairman, Teddy Kennedy. He even writes poems to him.

Kennedy offered an amendment to begin the federalization of criminal law in the name of "hate crimes." We all know that once the Feds are able to prosecute any case they decide to call "hate," the old primacy

of states in criminal prosecution will be totally gone.

Facing his hero's outrageous "hate crime" bill, poor Orrin had McCain's problem. He couldn't hold his political followers and back Kennedy's bill. So he offered a compromise which passed 50-49. That broke the solid conservative front against the very idea of federalizing criminal law in the name of "hate crimes." As a result, Kennedy's bill then passed the Senate 57-42.

This is the old leftist "two steps forward, one step back" approach. A liberal demands that total federalization begin in the name of fighting racism. Then, a conservative who desperately wants liberal approval, and who would rather shoot his children than be called a racist, offers a compromise. So the liberal agenda asks for two steps and is given one. Eventually, the liberal gets it all, and more.

A liberal-worshiper like Hatch or McCain is worth more to the left than an outright liberal like Kennedy.