O'REILLY THE RETARD | 2005-08-13

I was fighting what is called the secularist agenda thirty years ago. I was marching, organizing marches, and doing press conferences against anti-religious textbooks the NEA was pushing. That was a generation ago, and all the conservatives thought I was being unrespectable.

As usual, decades later everybody is now discovering what I was doing a generation ago, and declaring it is good.

Even that poor little retard Bill O'Reilly is now denouncing the "secularist agenda," which he discovered after everybody else had long since seen it.

But I didn't fight the education establishment's agenda because it was non-religious. I attacked it because I had infinitely more respect for the deep wisdom of the Bible Belt, with all its faults, than I did for the hair-brained kooks who called themselves "intellectuals."

When Bill O'Reilly says that Political Correctness is secular, he is handing the professor-priesthood the first amendment on a silver platter. No matter how you try to talk around it the first amendment does NOT ban the government establishment of any form of secularism. It bans RELIGION.

Religion is not a bunch of people sitting in a church or synagogue or mosque. Scientology has the status of a religion, but it has no god. When Catholic priests first reached Asia they were astounded to discover that Buddhism was a religion with out a god.

Religion is a set of beliefs based on faith.

Political Correctness is a set of beliefs based entirely on faith. Every university requires you to do homage to "diversity," though there is no evidence whatsoever that this "diversity" has any value at all. That is a belief enforced on the basis of faith, but the professor-priesthood is able to enforce its faith because conservatives insist that the religion of the professor-priesthood is some kind of science, not religion.

Tens of millions of young people spend their entire lives paying for the professor-priesthood. Right now tens of millions of young people are paying off the back-breaking student loans they had to take out to pay to go to college.

I do not know a single one of them who doesn't know he was cheated.

But that is just the beginning.

After wasting four years of their lives in college taking courses they scarcely remember and ten years paying off their student loans, some of them are in their mid-thirties hoping to have families. But every child they have is going to require their putting aside huge piles of money, not for a home or for retirement, but for tuition.

All this is backed by government. College degrees are required by government. Government enforces accreditation, which is the life-blood our professor-priesthood lives on.

A generation of young people will spend their entire lives in vassalage to the professor-priesthood.

A whole generation of young people is ripe for rebellion.

They are not interested in O'Reilly's drivelings about secularism versus religion.

They want their FREEDOM.