OR GET OFF THE POT | 2003-01-25

Most of our worst problems come from our failure to make a decision and stick with it. Our immigration law is a joke. We should either treat Mexican invaders as criminals or stop acting like we have a law against illegal immigration.

So, when the Washington sniper Malvo was caught as an illegal alien he was let go. He did most, if not all, of the shooting. Immigration law is only enforced against legal immigrants. They are easy to kick around, so the bureaucrats go after them and let outright illegals pour across the border.

Criminals are preying on us because liberal judges let them. We should clean out the courts, but no conservative dares demand that.

Instead of going after the judges, conservatives beat their chests and talk about strict enforcement of the law." What we end up doing is over-enforcing the silly laws right along with the sane ones.

In the end "strict enforcement" just means you use your resources to persecute legal immigrants rather than concentrating on stopping illegal immigration because that's too hard to do. "Strict enforcement" is an excuse to go after the easy targets.

A law should be enforced or it should be repealed. A war should be never be declared if you do not plan to fight it out.