The reason that the USSR fell is because it was sitting on nothing.

Not one single professional Sovietologist, not one, had any inkling that the USSR and its empire were about to collapse.

I have looked it up, and not one single "expert" had the slightest inkling that this was about to happen. Almost every time I mention this fact the person I am talking to says he heard about somebody who predicted it. I asked for a citation.

No citation.

I have searched.

Let me repeat this

Not one single expert on the Soviet Union, who got paid the big bucks to know all about the Soviet Empire, had the slightest idea that the whole thing was about to go down.

What happens to a business consultant if he hasn't the slightest inclination that his client's competition is about to go under?

Every single one of those experts, inside and outside of government and the universities, cost thousands of dollars to "educate" and they all got paid good money.

They ALL failed.

Completely. Utterly. Inexcusably.

So what happened?

They all kept their jobs and most of them have been promoted since. All of them will get great pensions for the job they didn't do.

We have plenty of experts on every aspect of our ruling religion, just as the Soviets did. But what was clear to Yeltsin, that the system was built on nothing, was something no expert INSIDE the USSR would be allowed to hint at.

And our experts OUTSIDE the system were just as oblivious to the fact that the Soviet Emperor had no clothes.