ON NOVEMBER 22, 1963 | 2003-11-22

The entire country used to go into deep and ostentatious mourning on this day each year. It was the date on which Saint John the Kennedy was shot.

Saint John the Kennedy has gone the way of Saint Christopher. The liberal popes have declared him a fake. The absolute silence about the real John Kennedy that the media maintained for so long has been breached. The truth about John Kennedy has come out, and the truth ruins liberals.

The truth ruins leftists. That is why the files on Saint Martin Luther the King have been closed by law for fifty years. They'll be burned before they are opened and no one in the press will ever speculate on what's in the King Files.

The late Veneration of Saint John the Kennedy is directly related to the runaway popularity of Howard Dean among Democrats. Howard Dean is from New England. He is the first New England presidential candidate since Kennedy that everybody doesn't yawn at.

You know all those pitiful, elderly people who still think they are the "With It" Generation of 1965, the Old Hippies? Keep them in mind and I'll explain another, bigger group of liberals to you.

For the media, Kennedy represented the Good Old Days when presidents came from New England. Back then there were three TV networks. In Kennedy' day all three networks and the two national wire services were in New York City

In the days of Saint John the Kennedy, in the days of Camelot, all the media were in New York City, of New York City, and by New York City. New York was the Center of the World back then and the world was the Northeastern United States.

In the Kennedy days, the only Republicans who mattered were the Rockefeller Republicans of the liberal Northeast. Any part of America outside of the Northeast was openly considered to be alien territory, populated entirely by yokels.

Nowadays most people won't know where the Allegheny Mountains are unless one points out that it is the upper part of the Appalachian Range. But in the Kennedy Days, the Alleghenies were the western border of the media's idea of the Real America.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Europe extends to the Alleghenies. That is where America begins."

The media's idea of the "Only True America" has another border. It is the Mason-Dixon Line.