"Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood" is dedicated to "the readers of whitakeronline.ORG

Let's get this straight once and for all. I am the writer and the talking head here. YOU are the team.

Here are our marching orders, straight from the man we are so lucky to have take on this job, not for money, but for the cause


As part of your WOL article this week, I'd like to suggest that you add the following list of suggested actions for your readers. Ask each reader to take on one or more tasks. Many will require NO outlay of money, so there is NO excuse for anyone who considers himself a WOL loyalist not to pitch in.

Deb will put up a webpage at that will have prices for buying the books in various quantities. Make sure that your webmaster includes that link in your article.

Deb will explain on that page that books are currently available from Amazon, and that WOL will be selling them directly, with orders shipping in mid-July. She will also put up some simple forms that will allow "volunteers" to let you know what they are going to do. All you need to do is ask them to respond so that we have an idea of who is actually out there and willing to help.

Feel free to clean this up however you think best, and add or take away as needed. Deb may want to chime in as well.

List of Actions

Buy quantities of books to distribute/sell/give away.

Put an ad for the book in a local publication, school yearbook, college newspaper, community newspaper, etc. Just think how perfect an ad in a high school yearbook would be for this book. What a gift to all the students. WOL will provide the ad material.

Call a local radio station and mention the book and the website Read Bob dot com. Say it just like this: Read Bob dot com (put this in italics) Don't try to give out because it is much harder to spell. Radio listeners must be able to remember the website name and spell it correctly without writing it down. If you can, ask the talk show host to interview the author.

Send us information on local talk shows in your area. We mean local, please don't tell us that Rush Limbaugh is on from noon to 3PM on WXYZ. Send us the call letters, name of the talk show host, time slot, and any other relevant information. They don't have to be favorable or agree with WOL, we need anyone who will talk about the book. Use the form on (put link in)

Send us information on any local publications you know of dealing that are conservative, or deal with home schooling, or that you think would be agreeable to having Bob write an article or might print something about the book. If possible, send us a copy of that publication to the mailing address on

Write a letter to the editor to your local paper, community paper, or anything else you think appropriate. We can help you put one together if you are not confident. Hey, the president has speech writers, so don't feel bad about it.

COLLEGE CAMPUSES: If you live near a college campus (which most people do) please let us know if you would be willing to put up flyers (which WOL will provide for you to download and print or copy). If you know any students on campus, we will assume that you have already told them about the book and WOL, so if they like it, have them get involved in promoting it on campus. Bob will even come and speak if they can get it set up. Please fill in the form on and let us know which campus you are willing to work with.

We are going to make a big splash on college campuses this fall. You don't want to miss the fun! But we need "feet on the street" to pull it off.

HOME SCHOOL NETWORKS: If you know anyone involved with home schooling, we assume you have already told them about the book. Ask them if they can share the information with their network (almost ALL home schoolers are tied in to a local network). Please let us know if you will do this.

CHURCH GROUPS: Put a book in your church library, tell your Sunday School class about it, if nothing else have them pray for poor ol Bob's soul.

Public Library: Go to your local library and ask them to buy the book and make it available. You can donate one to them if they will take it.

Reader Suggestions: Send us ideas you have for getting the word out, with the caveat that we have no more resources or time than anyone else.